SÜDPACK, SN Maschinenbau and SERPAC will be coming together at ALL4PACK Emballage in Paris from 21 to 24 November to present an innovative and sustainable solution for packaging a broad variety of products in practical Doypacks. The versatile, PE-based and therefore recyclable packaging concept by SÜDPACK will be on display on the FME 50 HFFS pouch packaging machine in hall 5a at booth C89, which is shared by SN Maschinenbau and its French representative office SERPAC.

Pouch packaging machines made by SN Maschinenbau

The horizontally operating FME 50pouch packaging machine is an affordable, flexible and very user-friendly pouch packaging machine for forming, filling and sealing three and four sides sealed bags and Doypacks. Using specifically designed dosing devices, the pouches are filled with a wide variety of products and sealed.

It is possible to process both conventional and innovative recyclable material structures, such as SÜDPACK’s PurePE Doypack, without any difficulties or loss in speed or quality with an output of up to 100 cycles per minute. The FME 50 also contributes to sustainability with its particularly low energy consumption. Moreover, it impresses with its reliable SN technology and provides quick and easy access to the world of flexible pouch packaging. It is designed to be a simple and efficient plug & play machine and is very easy to transport in one piece. During the development of the machine, reducing format changeover times was also of importance. This makes it easier to operate the machine as a maximum of ten minutes and hardly any tools are now needed for format changeover.

The packaging concept

… by SÜDPACK is based on the polymer PE, which is classified in many countries as recyclable and is therefore of interest to customers that operate internationally. Just like all SÜDPACK films, the mono-material can be equipped with different features based on the product to be packaged in order to ensure optimal product and aroma protection. The spectrum of applications ranges from grated cheese and air-dried sausages to nuts and snacks as well as coffee, tea, spices and products in powder form.

The convenient opening and resealing of the package is made possible by practical zipper systems. PE-based systems are already available on the market, which means this type of concept can be assessed as a true single-material solution and introduced into the appropriate recyclable material cycles. The zipper systems can be easily and reliably integrated into the flat pouches or Doypacks.

At the SN Maschinenbau and SERPAC booth, trade visitors will have the opportunity to see how easily the recyclable film can be processed on standard machines. Thanks to secure sealing and a large processing window, efficient packaging and rapid cycles are ensured on the high-performance FM 50.

The trend

… towards material-efficient and recyclable materials is one that both partners believe will certainly continue. SÜDPACK in particular is currently faced with increased demand, especially from brand manufacturers: “As a market and technology leader in our industry, we aligned our product and performance portfolio early on to meet the new requirements in the market – and have already demonstrated our expertise in much noted projects. We are now in a position to offer our customers solutions that are pioneering in terms of material efficiency, recyclability, renewable resources and a circular economy,” highlighted Holger Hoss, who as Product Manager is responsible for the pouch solutions at SÜDPACK.

Thomas Fuest, Global Sales Director at SN Maschinenbau, added: “Many
of our French customers are now actively transitioning to recyclable packaging materials, and we are showcasing the perfect technical solution at the trade fair with our FME 50. For the majority of innovative mono-materials, it isn’t necessary to have a high-tech machine, and that’s what makes the
FME 50 so interesting.”

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