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We are a Digimarc partner

As your service partner, we support your entire process –
from the pre-press stage to quality assurance

Barcodes are ubiquitous and indispensable in industry and retailing.
The next generation of identification and communication solutions are invisible watermarks, and Digimarc is the market leader. Digital watermarks optimize the efficiency of supply chains and facilitate effective sorting of packages at the end of their lifetimes. This is essential for high recycling rates.
At SÜDPACK we see the Digimarc process as an enabler for closed-loop recycling of our packages and therefore an essential component of our sustainability strategy. We are ready to provide our customers along the value chain with advice and support for the implementation of Digimarc Digital Watermark Codes (DWCodes). Included here are all process stages from the creation of print templates to integration, production, and quality assurance.
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This image depicts a Flow Pack PurePP packaging by SÜDPACK printed with Digimarc Digital Watermark Codes.

Digimarc applications in the supply chain

Icon symbolizes simplified logistics through Digimarc Barcodes.

Easier logistics

Whether in the store or the supermarket, products can be localized wherever they are. This facilitates precise shelf-space management.

Icon indicates the Digimarc app and represents easy consumer integration.

Involvement of end consumers

Shoppers can scan the Digimarc barcode with their smartphones, which enables direct engagement with consumers and transforms their shopping experience.

Icon featuring the recycling symbol represents increased recycling accuracy through Digimarc watermarks.

Greater recycling precision

The digital watermark indicates the exact composition of the packaging material. As a result, plastics can be precisely identified in the sorting and recycling process.
Sorting rates are increased, ultimately leading to more material being channeled into the appropriate value streams. This is an important step towards a circular economy.

Icon with a shopping cart symbol represents accelerated checkout process thanks to widespread Digimarc Barcodes.

Faster checkout

The code can be applied over the entire available product area, so it can be scanned from any direction.

The Digimarc process at SÜDPACK

To ensure a smooth-running enhancement and printing process, SÜDPACK has established a qualified expert team for the pre-press stage, which provides support for you.
The watermark system ensures compliance with predetermined lead times, plus compilation and archiving of corresponding enhancement reports and Digimarc verify reports. This is how we contribute significantly to a faster release process and help prevent any sources of error.

Image displays an Efficient Enhancement and Printing Processes at SÜDPACK

Check Icon for Providing the Print File

Provision of the print file

As a Digimarc partner, we offer you the option of providing us with a print-ready file. We support you during the enhancement process.

Check Icon for Evaluation and Optimization of Design

Design evaluation and optimization

We assess and analyze your print design, then adjust the lightness and colors to generate a readable signal.

Check Icon for Quality Assurance of the Entire Workflow

Quality assurance for the entire workflow

To optimize your printing layouts and quality assurance for your package printing, our enhancement process provides a uniform workflow, compliance with the QS standards of the contractor, and an enhancement report.

Check Icon for the Printing Process

Printing process

The shared print file is executed using all common printing technologies such as flexo, gravure, and digital printing.

Image displays comprehensive applications of digital watermarks at SÜDPACK

Digimarc watermarks with SÜDPACK

Discover the extensive application scope of digital watermarks from Digimarc in an individual consultation with SÜDPACK.
The invisible codes integrate information into the printed design of packaging materials. They cover the entire printing area for excellent scanning precision. This offers a whole range of options in all phases of the value-added process, from production to sorting to final recycling of the packages. 
The watermarks are applied using all common printing technologies such as flexo, gravure, and digital printing.

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