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Sustainable, future-oriented business models for closing material cycles

Our vision: ZERO WASTE

Our commitment to recyclable packaging materials actually pre-dates the EU Packaging Directive and its framework conditions. At SÜDPACK, we resolved to become a ZERO WASTE company years ago. Not only do we develop recyclable, resource-saving materials, but we also strive to ensure our films don’t go into landfill, but can remain in circulation as valuable materials over their entire lifecycle.



We close loops

To keep our products in the loop, we focus on two fields of action:

  • Internal material management
  • Closing loops for our films after their use phase

Our internal material management system ensures we recover and recycle residual materials from our film production. At the same time, we support the circular economy by investing in effective recycling technologies that keep all plastics we produce inside the loop. This saves fossil resources. For example, in our own Competence Center for mechanical recycling, we re-granulate sorted materials and feed them back into production. To create valuable raw materials even from mixed plastic fractions, we use chemical recycling to manufacture new granules. When selecting the best recycling technologies for each purpose, we always choose the most ecologically and economically efficient methods.

Plastic films in the loop

Material recycling is a key component of the closed-loop economy. However, especially when it comes to food packaging, closing loops requires chemical as well as mechanical recycling. Chemical processes are an effective way of achieving a more sustainable future.

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