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Intelligent management of materials through mechanical recycling

Recyclates as a valuable resource for technical films and compounds

We want to make it possible to input waste and other materials generated in production processes as well as plastics used in packaging films into an intelligent recycling system. To keep these plastic fractions in the material loop, we are focusing in particular on material recycling.

We set up our own Competence Center for regranulation and compounding for precisely this purpose. In the center, all production waste materials such as edge trim and start-up material are systematically collected, separated according to polymers, and processed into granules by state-of-the-art machines. The granules are introduced as a valuable resource into technical films and compounds containing recycled material, and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of these products. Our customers can also benefit from our expertise. For example, we take back web residues from the packaging process and convert them into granules for the production of new, high-quality products. This helps not only us, but also our customers to achieve key sustainability goals!

Closed-loop models in practice

A number of customers already use our mechanical recycling service and utilize films or compounds containing recycled material in their production processes. This reduces their carbon footprint and contributes to their climate protection efforts. For example, we re-granulate web waste from the production of coffee packages for use in the production of new packaging films. This is a short, but highly effective material cycle that also saves disposal costs for production waste which would otherwise be generated.


We would be happy to calculate the carbon savings potential your company can achieve with products containing mechanically recycled materials, taking into account your sustainability goals.



A strong portfolio of high-performance films for technical applications

We develop and produce innovative films containing recycled material which are used as packaging solutions and semi-finished materials for technical products. They reduce the carbon footprint of the end products.

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Custom compounds with added sustainability

Customer-specific property profiles make our compounds the perfect solution in many industries. What’s more, our compounds containing recycled materials have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. 

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A hand holding the innovative StarBlend® Compound from SÜDPACK, made from conventional and biobased raw materials, featuring the StarBlend logo.