Sustainability by SÜDPACK

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Climate neutrality is our long-term goal.

With our sustainability roadmap, we are
redefining ourselves and our film solutions

As an industry leader, we value the responsibility to make business ventures, processes and products as sustainable as possible.

Our vision? Climate neutrality. By reducing the material and resource consumption of our products to a minimum, constantly improving their recyclability and pushing for the use of recyclates, we are on an effective path.
Our sense of responsibility is also reflected in our high quality, environmental and social standards, which allow us to make a major contribution – to society and the world we live in.

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Sustainability report 2020

Our voluntary report demonstrates our clear commitment to increased sustainability. As a family-run company as well as a market and technology leader in our industry, we are very much aware of our environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Which is why for the third time now, we have presented pioneering initiatives and different action areas where we are making an impact and progress.