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Reducing resource consumption

Less is more: material-efficient film solutions by SÜDPACK

Thin films consume less material, which in turn improves material efficiency – an aspect that has an overall positive effect along the process chain and on their carbon footprint.

Moreover, material that is saved from the beginning will not have to undergo a complex recycling process later on. That is why here at SÜDPACK, we are constantly working on making our film solutions thinner and therefore more sustainable.

With downgauging projects, we have been able to significantly reduce the film thickness in a wide range of applications in recent years – while retaining the same level of functionality.

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Thinner. Lighter. Better.
Material-reduced solutions.

High-level product protection, good stability and impressive functionality? SÜDPACK.

By steadily enhancing and developing our most important film types, we have achieved significant material savings of up to 50% as well as considerable thickness reductions – with improved performance.

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