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Recyclates – a key component in closing loops

Our goal? Closing material loops. Internally. Externally. Internationally.

We are acutely aware of our responsibility for our products over their entire life cycle. That also includes materials generated during film processing by our customers, as well as materials at the end of their use phase. Together with our customers, we develop practical solutions for recycling and upcycling internal byproducts. Whatever method you choose, both mechanical and chemical recycling save massive amounts of CO2 compared to incineration and reduce the consumption of fossil raw materials.

Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling -
feeding materials back into the loop

Recycling and upcycling transform in-house plastic waste and byproducts into a valuable resource. We use these methods to produce e.g. high-end compounds with maximized shares of PIR or PCR for use in the injection molding industry. This saves resources, closes loops, and cuts the carbon footprint along the entire value chain.

  • Compounds from byproducts
  • Films with maximized PIR content
  • Films containing PCR


Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling -
a complementary recycling technology

Chemical recycling makes it possible to re-use mixed, contaminated, and multi-layer plastics that can’t be mechanically recycled. The virgin-grade oil recovered is used to produce plastics with the same properties as new materials and therefore suitable for use in food packaging.

  • Virgin-grade raw materials
  • Lower consumption of fossil raw materials
  • Avoidance of downcycling
  • Avoidance of thermal utilization


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Efficient material management as part of your sustainability efforts

Our efficient material management applies intelligent collection, sorting, and recycling technologies to enable plastic waste recycling. This has allowed SÜDPACK to reduce raw material consumption and waste in relation to volumes produced in almost all our production stages. With our experience, we can also help you achieve your sustainability goals.