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The use of recyclates – a building block for the implementation of closed loops

Our goal? To close reusable material loops. Internally. Externally. And globally.

As a global company group, we are very much aware of our ecological and social responsibility – and feel responsible for the entire life cycle of our materials.

We are therefore particularly committed to the technology of chemical recycling, which we would like to establish through our collaboration with CARBOLIQ as an additional technology to the processes that have already been accepted. Because we are optimistic that this will make a major contribution to close reusable material loops and to achieve the challenging recycling rates in the packaging industry.

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Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling -
Return of waste

In-house plastic waste and by-products become a valuable resource by means of recycling or upcycling.
Here at SÜDPACK, we are taking different targeted approaches with chemical recycling, compounding and regranulation.

  • Compounds based on by-products
  • Films with maximum PIR content
  • Films with percentage of PCR


Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling -
a complementary recycling technology

This technology makes it possible to recycle mixed, contaminated or multilayer materials. From the pyrolysis oil, plastics will be produced offering the same properties as virgin materials.

  • Raw materials of virgin-grade quality
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption
  • Materials for repeated recycling


Sustainability in all of its facets

Efficient material management makes use of intelligent collection, sorting and recycling technologies – which make it possible to recycle plastic waste in the value chain.

Another aspect: Products made from chemically recycled material can be recycled again after use without any loss of quality.

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A milestone in terms of

SÜDPACK’s collaboration with CARBOLIQ, a specialist in resource recovery, marks an initial pioneering step for the further establishment of closed loops.
The joint venture aims to convert film waste that is generated during the production of SÜDPACK products into high-quality pyrolysis oil on an industrial scale.