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Our values

Our values determine our daily way of working – for the benefit of our company and our employees.

In the last few years, SÜDPACK has developed into a leading international manufacturer of high-performance films.
The many changes and our dynamic market environment make it essential for us to constantly reflect on our values - our values that distinguish us as a family-owned company from Upper Swabia.

Our values should be the guiding principles for our daily actions. They describe the way we see ourselves, how we want to shape the future of SÜDPACK together.

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We are committed to our tasks and work
determinedly to achieve our goals.

Sustainable success for SÜDPACK, now and in the future, is the touchstone for our actions.

However, realism, common sense and a down to earth approach are always our priority. While pragmatism and a solution-oriented approach are always the foundation of our informed decisions.

Our hallmark? Dynamism and enthusiasm for creation and change. We therefore embrace our tasks and resolutely work towards our goals. Our actions focus on the satisfaction of our customers, our stakeholders and our employees. In short: we want to be a professional, reliable and reputable partner in all areas.

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With innovation we lay the foundation for
our successful future.

The ability to create something new and optimize the tried-and-tested is our very essence.

We are laying the foundation for our successful future through innovation. We are inspiring our customers by thinking outside the box. We are remaining agile and sustainable thanks to constant improvements and changes. And we are also enjoying achieving new goals in unconventional ways thanks to our courage, perseverance, discipline and above all passion.

How does this work? We always provide space to think freely. We act prudently and purposefully. We see mistakes as an opportunity and learn from them. These also form part of our values.

Innovation l SÜDPACK values

The diversity of our tasks can only be
managed successfully together.

It is only together that we can perform our growing number of tasks and challenges. We therefore treat one another with respect, trust and fairness.

Our cooperation is based on give and take. Criticism and feedback are always timely and constructive.

Openness and credibility are also essential components of our daily business. We value diversity and integration – and are happy when the needs of each individual are integrated into our corporate goals. Because this is the only way we are able to achieve ambitious goals.

Together l SÜDPACK values

We treat each other with respect and give
ourselves room to develop.

Care matters to all of us. But care also requires initiative from everyone.

Even though occupational health and safety is a matter of course for us at SÜDPACK, improvements are a particular concern of ours. As is the training and professional development of our employees. We always interact with one another mindfully and provide room for growth. Every individual therefore assumes the necessary responsibility for themselves, their colleagues and SÜDPACK.


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