Corona tests at SÜDPACK

The free COVID 19 rapid tests for employees have been very well received at SÜDPACK. Around six months ago, the film manufacturer was one of the first employers in the region with its own "mini-practice" and qualified specialists to set up an infrastructure on a voluntary basis. Since December 2020, capacities have been increased again to offer every employee a weekly test at the German sites in Ochsenhausen, Erolzheim and Schwendi. Now the mark of 3,000 tests has been exceeded.

While the tests in the first stage were initially only intended for employees who had direct or indirect contact with a Corona-positive person, the offer has now been available to all employees once a week during their working hours since December last year. Registration is quite simple, with the employee's name entered in the internal Corona calendar. The test itself is carried out in a "mini-practice" set up specifically for this purpose, in compliance with the highest hygiene requirements, by two medical assistants who were hired by SÜDPACK specifically for this task. The test result is available after just 15 minutes.

The response has been extremely positive. In the meantime, more than 3,000 tests have been carried out. "Our initiative proves impressively that an attractive and, above all, sensible offer is also gladly used. It also proves that corporate responsibility and social responsibility of employees go hand in hand in a well-functioning system like the one at SÜDPACK," sums up Erik Bouts, CEO of SÜDPACK.
The tests, as well as increased safety and hygiene measures, are intended to prevent infection chains from spreading undetected throughout the sites. At the same time, they are another important component in the corporate strategy, which always focuses on people and their health.
"Last but not least, we are sending a clear signal to the market. Even though there is still no legal requirement for companies to carry out tests, we believe that leading companies like SÜDPACK in particular should live up to their role model function," says Erik Bouts. SÜDPACK's tests will therefore continue without interruption until further notice.