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Ecopet are APET-based rigid films which are equipped with a PE sealing layer.
They are characterised by excellent thermoforming properties and are usually used as bottom films for the production of MAP packaging.
Due to particularly high material efficiency, the bottom films offer maximum performance with minimum material input - our contribution to sustainability.

Our films can be equipped with different barrier and protection levels according to the requirements of the products to be packaged.

  • Clear view of the product
  • Low material usage
  • Optimum product protection
Packshot of Ecoterm S V Mono-PP Bottom Films - Sustainability: Recyclability by SÜDPACK

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


High machine output and maximum efficiency. Optimum process and packaging reliability. Perfect thermoformability on standard systems.

Equipment options

Excellent sealing properties even with contaminated sealing flanges ensure maximum packaging security.
Protection against mechanical impacts. Equipable with different barrier levels.

Visual properties

With their high transparency, the films enable an optimal presentation at the point-of-sale.
Also available in opaque or colored finishes.


High material efficiency due to maximum protection at a minimum material weight.

Find a suitable top film

Our top films perfectly complement with our bottom films.
This results in packaging concepts that are groundbreaking in efficiency, packaging security and sustainability.

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