Food packaging

Which packaging solution does the market of tomorrow require?

    Food packaging

    This is the questions SÜDPACK deals with every day.

    With pioneering packaging solutions for food packaging, SÜDPACK support you in coping with the challenges of international markets. Requirements of quality, design and environmental compatibility of food packaging are constantly increasing and can be met with high-quality and innovative films for food products only. The food technology and food film experts are glad to advise you on packaging solutions.

    Areas of application

    As producer of high quality plastic films, SÜDPACK is supplier of food producers from all over the world. SÜDPACK is suppling various industries:


    SÜDPACK Medica

    When producing packaging for medical applications, safety, hygiene and a high sterile environment are given absolute priority. To ensure this, we have further developed our high Südpack standards. So as Südpack Medica, we are producing coextruded film according to the specific requirements of our customers, whilst complying with state-of-the-art safety standards. We source special medical papers and other plastics from selected, closely associated partners.

    System solutions

    SÜDPACK offers packaging systems solutions for food packaging from one source.

    Since food packaging is more than just pure necessity, it is a factor decisive for success. What was important yesterday can be improved today. The requirements of both lawmakers and consumers in the area of food packaging are rising increasingly fast. SÜDPACK supports you in meeting those demands and beyond that. Being experts for production of packaging solutions and specialists for innovative development, SÜDPACK is your first choice partner for packaging film for food products. SÜDPACK processes all common plastic materials and also laminates different films with paper and aluminium. You will thus receive system solutions which will help your food products stand out from rival products with regards to both quality and design.



    Respect for people and the environment, the basis of life for all of us, is a fundamental value of our family business. SÜDPACK concentrates on the three pillars of sustainability: the ecological, economical and social pillar. We develop our products and design our production under the aspects "avoid, reduce, recycle". In recent years, we have been able to achieve drastic material savings through the further development and new development of our most important types of film, while at the same time improving their performance.

    Find our sustainable packaging for food and technical products here.

    Can film packaging for food be sustainable? Yes, because plastic packaging is not only useful in many areas of modern life – it is simply indispensable and fulfills an important purpose in today`s society. In the food products industry, it protects foodstuffs against contamination, increases their shelf life and thus makes an essential contribution to the fight against food spoilage and waste. Meat can be kept for up to 30 days when vacuum-packed, but only for about 4 days when unpacked. Simply banning plastic packaging would mean sacrificing protection and safety in all of these areas, which would be detrimental to the interests of both people and society.


    Customer service

    SÜDPACK´s special customer service

    You would like to test new packaging design? You are considering changing from deep drawing packaging to flow wrap packaging? You need only a small number of products with new packaging for an exhibition? Of course, you do not want to interrupt normal operation. No Problem – all common packaging machines are available for you in the development center of SÜDPACK. SÜDPACK has vertical or horizontal fill seal machines, tray sealers, shrinking and deep drawing machines as well as deep-freeze and cold-storage rooms and a test kitchen.

    Digital print

    For special packaging solutions

    SÜDPACK invested in a digital print machine in 2015. With the machine, various packaging solutions like:

    Can be printed with individual texts, images, personal messages or barcodes. Thanks to this innovative printing technique, we can achieve harmonious colour gradients, brilliant colours and razor sharp contours. The special inks for food packaging have been tested by independent institutes for their conformability for food packaging. Due the digital print, you can fast and easily order and individualize small batches of printed film - conveniently through the SÜDPACK online shop.

    Packaging print

    Packaging printing – brilliant and effective


    There is no second chance for the first impression. Your product must win the race for customers’ attention at the point of sale. The decision is made within seconds only, i.e. at first glance. This can be achieved with sensational and high-quality food packaging. SÜDPACK focuses on state-of-the-art technologies and extensive services in the field of packaging printing and provides all printing services in-house. SÜDPACK thus constantly secures top quality and a smooth process. For the perfect film print of food packaging, SÜDPACK offers three different print processes:

    Online shop

    Visit our new online shop

    Are you in a hurry to get printed packaging film for your product, or would you like to design your promotional goods in an uncomplicated manner? With the Südpack Online Shop you can use our digital printing process even more easily. A configurator will suggest suitable films to you, you can upload your printed image and once we have given it approval, your packaging material will be printed in high quality. Within a few days the finished product will be with you – a service that is unique within Europe – made by SÜDPACK.