The film manufacturer SÜDPACK and the packaging machine manufacturer SN Maschinenbau will be coming together at this year’s interpack to present an innovative and sustainable concept for the production of practical stand-up pouches at booth A61 in Hall 6. The versatile, PE-based and therefore recyclable packaging material from SÜDPACK will be used on the SN Maschinenbau pouch packaging machine, the FMH 300, for the production of stand-up pouches with zippers. In combination with the pouch packaging machine featuring a special hygienic design, the PE mono-material is particularly suitable for primary packaging, for example for grated cheese, sausages or snacks.

There is a clear trend in pouch packaging that can now be found in many fields of application – a growing number of suppliers want to replace their conventional product packaging with particularly material-efficient and recyclable alternatives. The film manufacturer SÜDPACK offers an unparalleled product and service portfolio for just that. Developed for a broad range of packaging concepts, the material structures meet the current requirements of processors, retailers and consumers in terms of both sustainability and performance.

The packaging concept

The high-performance films in the Pure-Line product family, which will be used on the FMH 300 pouch packaging machine from SN Maschinenbau at interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf, are based on the polymer polyethylene. The PE composite stands out most particularly due to its recyclability and material efficiency. SÜDPACK customers benefit from the minimal use of resources while enjoying optimal pouch stability and reduced packaging weight, which leads to an improved carbon footprint along the entire process chain. The recyclability of the packaging can be verified with a certificate from independent external institutes.

The PE mono-material can be equipped with different features and barrier properties to ensure that products are aroma proof, airtight and have a longer shelf life when packaged. Easy-to-integrate zipper systems make it convenient to open and close pouch packaging. These PE-based systems are already available on the market, which means these stand-up pouches can be assessed as a true single-material solution and introduced into the appropriate recyclable material cycles.

The FMH 300 pouch packaging machine

The FMH 300 is a horizontally operating pouch packaging machine that features a special hygienic design with a rotary table to form, fill and seal flat and stand-up pouches from roll stock (FFS). And, of course, sealing systems such as zippers can be integrated. It is possible to process conventional material structures as well as those that are modern, sustainable and recyclable, such as SÜDPACK’s PurePE, without any difficulties, reduction in speed or losses of quality. A host of innovative technologies, such as continuous web draw-off and the option of adding continuous ultrasonic zipper sealing or the fully automatic block adjustment of sealing frames, lead to significant processing advantages and potential savings because even thinner and more recyclable films are used, which limits the environmental impact.

Moreover, the hygienic design of the FMH machine range has been consistently developed, making it particularly suitable for packaging products such as grated cheese or air-dried sausages, which are extremely demanding when it comes to the cleanability of the packaging machine. The hygienic structure of the range keeps surfaces, corners and crevices to a minimum to avoid possible product build-up, which reduces potential contamination as well as the amount of effort needed to clean the machine.

Last but not least, the impressive FMH 300 triplex model offers high speed operation and maximum flexibility thanks to its extremely broad format range. Depending on the product properties and the size of the pouch, it is possible to achieve an output quantity of up to 270 pouches per minute. Format changing is nearly fully automatic, requires almost no tools and is performed on the operating panel (HMI) of the machine.

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