Already weeks ago, SÜDPACK had completed preparations for its own vaccination campaign. What was still missing, however, was the starting signal from politicians and the vaccine. Now the first vaccine doses are finally available. The first Corona vaccinations will be carried out by the company doctor at the company's internal "vaccination center" at the headquarters in Ochsenhausen from Wednesday, June 9.

Already at the beginning of the pandemic, the film manufacturer had coordinated its health management as quickly as possible and offered employees at all German sites regular Corona tests on a voluntary basis. "We value the involvement of companies in the national testing and vaccination strategy as an important element in controlling the pandemic in our country - and therefore we also feel it is our responsibility to make our contribution within the scope of the available options," affirms Birgit Schechner, VP HR&IT at SÜDPACK.
The first 300 employees and 300 relatives will be vaccinated from the beginning of June. The registration and scheduling of appointments will be carried out electronically, similar to the Corona tests, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. The vaccinations themselves are carried out by a company doctor after detailed consultation and under the strictest hygiene measures. To be on the safe side, all vaccinees remain under medical observation for around half an hour after the injection.
At SÜDPACK, only the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer is vaccinated. " Just as with the tests, we expect a large number of participants. The high number of registrations shows us that the need is there and the vaccination offer is also gladly accepted."
The SÜDPACK vaccination center can currently vaccinate 50 people per day.
A total of around 500 doses of vaccine were ordered in a first step. The first vaccine was delivered by the Ochsenhausen pharmacy. All the necessary preparations, including refrigerator temperature monitoring, have been made so that the vaccination can start on June 9.
In the meantime, SÜPACK has also received requests from companies in the region to vaccinate their employees. SÜDPACK is therefore currently examining whether the vaccination offer can be extended to other companies.