From January 24 to 25, 2024, SÜDPACK Medica will take part in Pharmapack in Paris as a successful solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry. The company will place considerable emphasis on sustainable packaging solutions not only with its booth D79 in hall 7.2, but also with a workshop. In addition to the PharmaGuard® blister concept, the focus will also be on various pouch solutions as well as coextruded flexible and rigid films for manufacturing thermoformed packaging that can be sterilized.

SÜDPACK Medica already concerned itself with the topic of sustainability early on and is gradually adjusting its portfolio to meet the new requirements of the market. The best example is PharmaGuard, a recyclable blister concept for solids applications that was launched on the market in early 2023 and immediately received the “German Packaging Award” in the sustainability category. “With its excellent transparency, stable thermoforming and shrinkage behavior and broad sealing range, PharmaGuard is rightly recognized as a pioneering, recyclable blister packaging solution with outstanding potential for the future,” emphasized Jürgen Bodenmüller, Business Development Director at SÜDPACK Medica.

PharmaGuard Advanced will further simplify the transition to processing polypropylene

To facilitate the pharmaceutical industry’s transition from vinyl-based thermoforming films to processing PP-based blister films, SÜDPACK Medica has expanded its PharmaGuard portfolio to include a variant that offers an even broader process window for thermoforming and sealing and therefore significant advantages compared to the PP films that are customary in the market. For companies with a large number of different blister machines, such as CDMOs, this is a significant benefit and a substantial improvement.

Workshop on “PP-based blister films” for pharmaceuticals

On January 24, the first day of the trade fair, SÜDPACK Medica extends its invitation to the “First choice PP for primary pharma packaging” workshop at the Paris Expo in rooms 725/726. During the workshop, participants will receive in-depth information about the environmental footprint of a wide variety of packaging concepts and also about segment-specific solutions from PharmaGuard. A second point of attention will focus on how the pharmaceutical industry can significantly reduce its CO2 emissions safely and efficiently and on how it can manage the transition from a linear to a true circular economy. “As one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance films and packaging concepts, we at SÜDPACK are actively shaping the transformation process in the packaging industry. And as a long-standing partner of the healthcare industry, we consider it our duty to support our customers to the best of our abilities with our expertise and pioneering solutions now and in the future,” highlighted Jürgen Bodenmüller.

A strong portfolio for the pharmaceutical industry

SÜDPACK Medica is also expecting a great deal of interest among visitors in tubular and 3-side-seal pouches. “In recent years, we have invested heavily in the appropriate machines to meet the increased demand for films and pouch-making material that can be used at various points in the value chain in the pharmaceutical industry,” commented Jürgen Bodenmüller.

For packaging products such as stoppers, filters or connectors, pouches are an optimal packaging concept. They are also a possibility for simple media packaging and especially as transfer packaging to transport products between clean rooms or to the point of use.

Last but not least at Pharmapack, there will also be a focus on the coextruded flexible and rigid films from SÜDPACK Medica. They are used as base and lidding films for the production of sterilizable thermoformed packaging and are equipped with a wide range of functionalities to suit the product.

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