They’re handy, stable, reclosable and suitable for liquid or pasty foods such as fruit purees – stand-up pouches with spouts. For the in-house production of pouches, SÜDPACK now offers a certified recyclable film solution that is also suitable for hotfilling and pasteurization. At Anuga FoodTec at booth B-028 in hall 8.1, SN Maschinenbau will be presenting a complete solution developed in collaboration with SÜDPACK and Menshen that includes recyclable film, spouts and a packaging machine.

Thanks to the use of PP-based high-performance films, the packaging concept is a strong alternative to conventional material structures in terms of both sustainability and performance. Its key characteristics? High material efficiency and recyclability, maximum product protection, easy processing and a high level of process reliability. An additional advantage – the practical pouches can be produced in-house on standard packaging machines, which makes them a cost-effective alternative to pre-made pouches.

Recyclable monomaterial

The pouches are made using high-performance films from the Pure-Line product family from SÜDPACK. The films are based on the polymer polypropylene and are therefore classified as recyclable. With the PP-composite, customers also benefit from the minimal use of resources while enjoying optimal pouch stability, low packaging weight and an improved carbon footprint as a result.

The PP spouts with MENSHEN LoTUS™ technology can be ideally connected to the pouches due to the coordination of the heat distribution and conductivity. When used correctly, this saves energy and ensures a cost-effective, high-quality and failsafe production process.

Thanks to the combination of PP-based films and spouts, the stand-up pouches are assessed as true single-material solutions and can be introduced into the appropriate material loops.

High level of product safety and packaging reliability

The SÜDPACK film offers a wide processing window, which makes it possible to securely seal in the spouts. An additional guarantee for optimal packaging quality is the excellent sealing strength, which ensures the maximum tightness and burst-pressure resistance of the pouches.

For optimal product protection, the PP-based film can be individually equipped with different barriers against water vapor, oxygen or UV light. Due to their heat resistance, the material structures are also suitable for hotfilling and pasteurization.

Efficient processing with a high level of process reliability and flexibility

At SN Maschinenbau’s booth B-028 in hall 8.1, visitors will have the opportunity to see how SÜDPACK’s recyclable PP film and Menshen’s LoTUS spouts can be processed efficiently and reliably on an extremely compact pouch making machine. This will be showcased on SN’s newly developed SPM 50.

The SPM 50 horizontal pouch making machine from SN Maschinenbau makes up to 4,200 pouches per hour and achieves with just one film reel continuous production of over 30,000 spout pouches per eight-hour shift. This is equivalent to an annual production volume of seven million spout pouches in one-shift operation and up to 21 million in three-shift operation. Thanks to its compact design, the low-maintenance and user-friendly machine can also fit in tight production spaces. This allows for its flexible placement either right next to the filling machine or on its own in a separate room.


Overall concept with real added value

All in all, the innovative overall concept is not only sustainable, but also particularly cost effective. On the one hand, producing pouches from roll stock allows for substantial savings in terms of storage space and logistics costs, and on the other hand, significantly reduces pouch costs. The total investment can pay itself off in less than one year. The in-house production of spout pouches with film from the reel also enables the needs-based production of pouches in different shapes and sizes as well as the processing of different spouts. This allows producers to quickly adapt to changes in demand and shortens their lead times and time-to-market.


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