With its portfolio of high-performance films for packaging blocks of cheese, fresh mozzarella, and shredded or sliced cheese, SÜDPACK is a strong partner for the dairy and cheese industry. SÜDPACK will be presenting the highlights of its recyclable materials from April 17 to 18 at the CheeseExpo in Milwaukee in the USA. At booth 1537, various solutions for thermoforming applications, stand-up pouches and flowpacks will be showcased that meet the requirements for recyclability and material efficiency.

The recyclable mono-structures based on polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) offer the same functionalities as conventional composite materials. They optimally protect the packaged product, extend its shelf life and keep it fresh. In the daily production process, they stand out due to their excellent machinability, which results in a high level of process reliability and therefore packaging reliability as well.

In contrast to conventional packaging films, these innovative single-material solutions can be assigned to existing recycling streams. And due to the lower CO2 equivalents of the polyolefins PP and PE, they are seen in a much more positive light in ecological terms. Furthermore, if particularly material-efficient flowpacks are used instead of heavier packaging concepts, such as thermoformed packaging, the impact of these packaging solutions increases even more significantly when it comes of sustainability.

For packaging block and shredded cheese …

SÜDPACK will be showcasing its reliable Pure-Line product family with a particular focus on its PE-based pouches and flowpacks for trade show. The functionalities of the materials were designed to meet the requirements of the various dairy products. “Our single-material solutions for manufacturing stand-up pouches for shredded cheese are designed so they can be processed on existing machines and can also be easily and reliably equipped with conventional zippers,” explained Carlo Remmele, Chief Executive USA Division.

As a recyclable packaging alternative for sliced cheese …

SÜDPACK will be presenting a recyclable rigid film concept for producing thermoformed packaging based on the plastic polypropylene. The perfectly matched top and bottom webs guarantee a high level of process and packaging reliability and ultimately food safety thanks to their optimal sealing performance and barrier properties. In addition, the Multipeel top web makes it easy to open and reclose the package, which provides an extended shelf life and ensures culinary enjoyment right down to the very last slice of cheese.

Cheese ripening with certified sustainability

With the Tubular Bag PurePE, SÜDPACK developed a PE-based, fully-fledged replacement for conventional PA/PE structures for the cheese ripening industry that can be optimally processed on common full- and semi-automatic packaging machines. Moreover, the innovative development sets standards not only in recyclability and material efficiency, but also in the reduction of carbon footprints. “At the same time, we are able to meet the demanding requirements in terms of product protection and functionality for the barrier properties that are essential for cheese ripening, for the ripening process and for puncture resistance,” clarified Carlo Remmele.  The concept received the renowned German Packaging Award in 2023 as well as the WorldStar Award from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) in early 2024.

The smart, customer-oriented team at SÜDPACK Oak Creek …

will not only provide information about these products at the CheeseExpo but will also offer insights into the company’s comprehensive portfolio and its capabilities in the customized development of packaging solutions.


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