Steam Solution

Healthy and easy to prepare: consumers today place high demands on food products. Using the Steam Solution by SÜDPACK, you can in future offer consumers both outstanding convenience and healthy nutrition: vegetables, meat and fish can simply be steamed in the microwave - directly inside their packaging.

Al dente - just like in a pressure cooker!

The Steam Solution by SÜDPACK permits consumers to gently cook raw or pre-cooked foods without requiring a pot or a large amount of effort. The foodstuffs can simply be removed from the refrigeration room and prepared in the microwave. There, vegetables, ready meals or also fish can simply be steamed - without requiring additional water and without the packaging having to be opened in advance.

Product properties

The three main properties


With the SÜDPACK Steam Solution, consumers are able to prepare their product directly in the packaging.

Added value

The SÜDPACK Steam Solution makes pots and complex cooking processes superfluous. And yet the foodstuffs are still optimally protected.


Using the Steam Solution, various packaging concepts can be realised - for example in the form of top webs for thermoforming and tray applications, tubular bag applications (VFFS, HFFS) or also 3-seal bags.

Product applications

Steam Solution applications

In the SÜDPACK Steam Solution, both raw and pre-cooked foodstuffs can be packaged and prepared. They are therefore suitable for fresh foodstuffs such as vegetables (e.g. asparagus) or fish as well as for ready meals and snacks.





Your advantages

The Plus for you and your customers

  • Simple, healthy preparation of foodstuffs.
  • The colour, taste sensations and flavour are retained
  • Low energy consumption
  • Convenience for consumers: simple, fast and convenient preparation, hundred percent success guarantee  Applicable for different packaging concepts
  • No additional installation required on the packaging line
  • Also suitable for cooled products


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