Extrusion technology centre

At Südpack, expedient packaging and concepts which appeal to all the senses are based on intensive research and frequently on years of development work. In order to bring new developments quickly to market maturity for the benefit of our customers, we rely on state of the art technology - for example our new multiXtrusion pilot plant. With it, we can depict and test all conventional manufacturing processes for films as realistically as possible - for the cost effective and rapid development of new packaging solutions. In this way we are in a position not only to strengthen our own innovative force, but also that of our customers.


Advancement by innovation

multiXtrusion is SÜDPACK’s investment in the packaging of the future and is not only increasing our own innovative strength, but also that of our customers. The new testing facility for coextruded films extends the company’s performance spectrum and underscores the importance of film development for SÜDPACK. Production-linked customer trials can now be implemented on an industrial scale and machinability tested directly in our technical centre on the same site. The result is that new products are ready for launching much faster than before.


The PLUS for you & your customers

  • Joint development of film solutions for existing or planned customer applications.
  • Increased innovative strength (new raw materials, new applications).
  • Shorter development times.
  • Faster time-to-market.
  • Reproduction of all SÜDPACK manufacturing processes on a single system.
  • Blown, cast and polished sheets can undergo production-linked testing.
  • Undisturbed production processes on the main systems.
  • Increased sustainability in the development process due to reduction in amount of production waste created by material trials


Do you want to find out more about our solutions?

We can offer you customised film and film systems designed to attract attention. Contact us: Working together, we will find the right film solution for your application!

Application technology centre

Film developments close to the market and to actual applications: in our application technology centre, we collaborate with you to conduct in-depth packaging and production tests - right up to mock-ups and small series. For this purpose, we provide a selection of conventional packaging machines.