Respect generates sustainability


We shape our environment thanks to sustainable use of resources

As one of the market and technology leaders in the field of high-quality barrier films, we see it as our duty at SÜDPACK to make our company as sustainable as possible. Over the past few years, we have intensified our efforts in this key area accordingly.

  • We are making the production of our films as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We are also reducing the number of materials and resources used by our products, whilst simultaneously working on the recyclability of our products.
  • By using recycled materials, we are further improving the environmental footprint of our films – whilst ensuring compliance with food legislation at all times.

Economic pillar

Productivity and quality thanks to cutting-edge innovations

For SÜDPACK innovation, productivity, quality and service are crucial from an economic perspective- Only excellence in these areas will facilitate sustainable economic development in Germany. Cooperative relationships with customer and suppliers are of the utmost importance for innovative capability and raw material availability, as is the continuous development and strategic direction of our own company.

Social pillar

Commitment to employees and society

Our employees are our most important resource t guarantee economic growth. We can only achieve our aims if we have motivated employees who identify with SÜDPACK and share our vision. The close ties that the company and many of our employees have with the region is reflected in our regional involvement.

Environmental pillar

Saving resources for the environment

As a family company with strong regional roots, preserving the basis of our existence, the environment, is immensely important to us. Saving resources, energy efficiency, reducing emissions and having a positive influence on the closed-loop economy (recycling, recovery of waste materials) are key aims for us in the field of environmental responsibility. Systematic reductions in emissions, raw materials and waste, as well as a certified energy management system, have enabled us to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging solutions.




Packaging acts as protection for foodstuffs: The most environmentally unfriendly thing to do would be to allow foodstuffs to perish by not adequately protecting them. More food is produced than used or consumed around the world. Although packaging is not able to prevent wastage, it can prevent food from perishing. This means that highly functional film packaging protects its contents against mechanical damage, against contamination, light, and inappropriate oxygen intake. This increases the shelf life of the product and ensures quality standards are maintained.

Supporting Growth

Globalization, growth, and urbanization are responsible for the increasing movement of goods and pose major challenges when it comes to supply. Flexible packaging offers the same level of product protection as alternative forms of packaging (e.g., glass or metal), but uses less materials. Thinner and lighter packaging reduces the weight and saves space when it comes to transportation. This enables the number of goods being transported to be significantly increased, easing the burden on the infrastructure and the environment.


The global production of flexible packaging requires a very small amount of oil. Having said that, at SÜDPACK, we are continuously working on developing our films to minimize the consumption of resources. Our focus is on reducing the material thickness. In addition, we are also researching alternative concepts that perform equally as well, for example, plastics made from renewable raw materials.


Our films are not garbage, but rather precious secondary raw materials that can be processed by recycling plants or used to produce energy. However, when it comes to disposal, it must be ensured that the materials are sorted correctly, as uncontrolled disposal harms the environment, and essential, precious materials are lost.

Product world

Sustainable film concepts

Avoid, reduce, recycle - under these aspects, we not only design our production but also develop our products. Our sustainable film concepts achieve drastic material savings to conserve resources and always offer optimal product protection.


Active memberships

We are also involved in industry-wide initiatives that promote the introduction of the highest standards in the production and processing of plastics.

  • As a member of the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative of the German Association for Plastics Packaging and Films, we ensure that no plastic granules are released into the environment from our production.
  • As an active member of the CEFLEX consortium of companies, we are working on further increasing the contribution made by flexible packaging to the closed-loop economy.
  • SÜDPACK is represented in the SEDEX and EcoVadis forums and is striving to continuously improve its rating.

Sustainability report


Sustainability is a top priority at the family-owned company SÜDPACK - and not just because of the current discussion about plastic packaging and its effects on global ecosystems. "Protecting products, people and the environment has always been a key driver of our work," explains Johannes Remmele, Managing Director of SÜDPACK.


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