Perfect look for modified atmosphere pack trays at the point of sale: Veraplex Drum light has an impressive top web look featuring maximum transparency, excellent antifog properties, and defined shrinkage. Outstanding mechanical properties such as tear and puncture resistance ensure safety when fresh products such as meat, fish, and seafood are being packaged. With a film thickness of only 25 µm, Veraplex Drum light also cuts a fine figure when it comes to sustainability.

Veraplex Drum Light

Sustainable lidding film for modified atmosphere pack trays

With a film thickness of only 25 µm, Veraplex Drum light is the perfect film solution for sustainable modified atmosphere pack tray packaging. Veraplex Drum light helps minimize the consumption of resources, delivering maximum functionality and product protection at the same time. High transparency in combination with defined shrinkage ensure a perfect tray look and the optimal presentation of fresh food such as meat, fish, and seafood. The antifog effect provides a crystal-clear view of the product, even in refrigerated display cases. Veraplex Drum light also offers 100% processing safety, featuring high machinability in all tray sealer systems and securely seals APET/PE trays. The integrated EVOH barrier means optimal product protection and a long shelf life for fresh products.

Product applications

  • Meat
  • Fish and seafood

Product properties

The three main properties


Keeps surfaces smooth and ensures optimal POS presentation


25 µm thin

High transparency

Clear view of your product

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Supports the sustainability objectives of packagers and the industry
  • Perfect surface through defined shrinkage
  • Excellent transparency and attractive product presentation
  • Optimized shelf life through an EVOH high barrier
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent processing runability on tray sealer systems


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