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Multi SV Skin

SÜDPACK's Multi SV Skin films can be used for a wide range of applications and are characterized by an optimal processability on standard thermoforming and tray skin machines.
The films form tightly around of the product without causing deformation. With their high barrier and puncture resistance as well as perfect sealing performance, they offer maximum product protection and extended shelf life.

The skin films are compatible with a wide variety of bottom films. Due to alternative sealing systems, the films can also be sealed against mono bottom films that meet the requirements for recyclability.

The films impress with their clean, consistent and easy opening behavior. This enables an optimized packaging experience for the consumer through more convenience.

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Packshot of a Multi SV Skin by SÜDPACK for skin films

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Multi SV Skin are processable on all standard thermoforming and tray skin machines.


Packaging safety

SÜDPACK skin films impress with their high puncture resistance. This enables an equal level of product protection even with thinner materials.

Combined with the optimal sealing behavior even with contaminated sealing flanges, the films ensure a high package integrity.

Equipment options

The Skin portfolio includes films that can be sealed against PE, PP and PET. This allows skin films that also seal against mono bottom films that meet the requirements for recyclability.

Visual properties

The films form tightly and tension-free around the product without causing deformation and enable an optimal and differentiated presentation at the point-of-sale.
If required, skin films can also be printed.

Find a suitable bottom film

Our bottom films offer the perfect combination with our top films.
This results in packaging concepts that are groundbreaking in terms of efficiency, packaging security and sustainability.

Bottom films from SÜDPACK

Underside of a sustainable packshot packaging from SÜDPACK



Product information sheet

For more information about Multi SV Skin, download our product information sheet.

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Skin packaging concept

Further information on the different skin packaging concepts can be found below.

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