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Hygiene and accuracy in production are absolutely essential for us. We thus produce under clean room conditions, carry out quality controls and work on innovations.


It’s not so very long ago that doctors, scientists or priests emphasised the absolute flawlessness of their actions by means of a special symbol – they dressed in white.

SÜDPACK Medica is not concerned about symbols. Those who, like us, are known for the controlled and certified production of sterile packaging are well aware of their great responsibility for safety. In order to be able to guarantee the highest degree of hygiene and absence of bacterial contamination after sterilisation, we plan and control the entire production process down to the minutest detail. The coextruded films are produced in our factory, according to the specific requirements of our customers. We obtain the special medical paper and other plastics from selected partners with whom we have a close relationship. The customised packaging is produced under the very latest safety standards. Safety also means the ability to process our packaging smoothly as well as optimum handling right through to the end customer. We at SÜDPACK Medica can demonstrate our very special strengths here: We develop customised packaging solutions flexibly and innovatively.

Johannes Remmele and Carolin Grimbacher
Managing partner at SÜDPACK

Ingo Schnellenbach - Director SÜDPACK Medica


Production in clean rooms - with safety

Wherever possible, medical sterile packaging should be manufactured in the same environment as that required when the packaging is later used. That is in monitored clean rooms that guarantee maximum safety through absolute cleanliness. SÜDPACK Medica has ultra-modern, ISO certified clean rooms at the production location at Coulmer in France.


  • Class 100 000-ISO8 complying with ISO 14644-1 for manufacturing bags
  • Class 10 000-ISO7 complying with ISO 14644-1 for manufacturing and printing blister lids and storage containers
  • ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 13485:2016 | ISO 15378: 2015


Products in clean room quality


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