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Flow Pack PurePE - Sustainable Flow Pack Films

Flow Pack PurePE combine effective barrier and sealing properties, high transparency, excellent antifog effect and low material consumption.
With the recyclable, PP-based flow pack films, you can reduce material usage by up to 60% while maintaining the same high level of product protection.

For the packaging of food products, we already offer PE-based zipper systems.

  • Recyclable due to the use of mono material
  • Optimum product protection and extended shelf life
  • Can be ideally processed on all common horizontal tubular bag systems
Flow Pack PurePE

Fields of application

This product has the following properties:


Flow Pack PurePP are processable on standard FFS machines and are characterized by optimum process and packaging reliability.


Equipment options

These films are tightly sealed and are equipped with different barrier levels.
Increased mechanical protection due to excellent puncture resistance.



Being designed as a mono-material solution, our films are classified as recyclable.



Product sheet PurePE

Further information on Flow Pack PurePE can be found in our product information sheet for download.

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