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Roadmap for sustainable film packaging

Despite its negative image, plastic films are an important packaging material and protect the packed products from external influences and spoilage. However, the different legal situations and customer demands require different approaches to the development of sustainable packaging solutions. In order to support our customers in choosing the right packaging material, SÜDPACK has developed a roadmap which shows the possible approaches for sustainable film packaging. The aspects of material reduction, recyclability, renewable raw materials and circular economy play an important role in this process. SÜDPACK offers its customers films for each of the four areas and is therefore a pioneering partner in finding a sustainable packaging strategy.


Thinner, lighter, more valuable

Thinner film solutions can reduce the use of resources without sacrificing the functionality of the packaging. In recent years, we have been able to achieve drastic material savings of up to 50% and thickness reductions through further and new developments of our most important film types, while at the same time improving performance. These include products from our Veraplex World, Multipeel Family, Multifol Range, Multi SV Skin.

  • It's so simple: all the material that is saved from the beginning does not have to be recycled at the end.


Improved recyclability

Recyclability of films and packaging is an important part of many sustainability strategies. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, the retailers and the various legislations regarding recyclability worldwide, we have adapted our product range: The xPEP line includes films based on polyolefins. Our Pure line is based on polypropylene. This means for our customers: no matter whether they have been using the resealable solution Multipeel, the safe-sealing Safe Peel, a versatile flexible film or the slimline flow packs – there is no need to do without maximum functionality.

  • Possibility for further use and recycling of the packaging material
  • Supports the legal demand for recyclable packaging
  • Development of different film concepts for different applications

Renewable raw materials

The green vision - films made from and with renewable raw materials

By using renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or corn in our films and paper in combination with our films, we make use of natural resources. The top and bottom films and flow packs of our xpect-line with renewable raw materials offer the same product protection as conventional plastics. Our Planova Flow Pack film is based on PLA and thus not only protects the environment and climate, but also provides optimum protection for the packed products. Paper-laminated film packaging scores points with its particularly high-quality appearance and its share of renewable raw materials. With our SÜDPACK Craft line we offer a range of particularly high-quality film packaging with paper component. It includes the products Ecocraft Shape, Ecocraft Skin, Veraplex Craft and Planova Craft. On request, the products are also available in combination with FSC®-certified paper. License Code FSC-C148939.

  • Unique potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Alternative to petroleum-based films
  • Positive influence on the environmental balance of plastic packaging

Circular economy

From the linear economy to circular economy

The development of a closed loop recycling system for flexible packaging is an essential step towards achieving a more sustainable environment. The entire value chain must work together and find solutions. This is done in initiatives such as CEFLEX or in projects such as our ChemCycling project with BASF. Chemical recycling could open up a new recycling path in addition to existing recycling options. It enables the recycling of previously non-recyclable plastic waste such as mixed, contaminated or multilayer plastics. The resulting raw material can then be safely used again for food packaging.

More info about ChemCycling
More info about the pilot project



However, certain recycled material can already be reused in food packaging. In our R-Line, we use post-consumer material approved by food regulations to increase the proportion of recycled material.

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