Sustainable film solutions

Our films are real high-tech products: They contain our entire knowledge from more than 50 years of research and development. We are constantly working on reducing the material consumption for our film solutions to a minimum. But SÜDPACK also offers more recyclable film solutions and uses renewable raw materials.

High Performance Films

Sustainable film solutions made by SÜDPACK

Increasing sustainability through innovation and development is a key issue for SÜDPACK. Our guiding principle “respect generates sustainability” is also reflected in our highly functional films. For us, respect means dealing responsibly with the issue of sustainability, respecting the environment and protecting our livelihood.


Our three product concepts





The thinner, the lighter, the better

Thinner film solutions can reduce resource usage without sacrificing the functionality of the packaging. In recent years, we have been able to achieve drastic material savings of up to 50% as well as thickness reductions by enhancing and developing our most important film types – while at the same time improving their performance. These include products from our Veraplex World, Multipeel Family and Multifol Range.

  • It's so simple: All the material that is saved from the start does not have to be recycled at the end.


Improved recyclability

Polyolefins are a potential viable solution to meet the future demands for recyclability and reuse of packaging. To exploit the material properties, we are currently developing our new xPEP packaging film concepts based on polyolefins. What does this mean for our customers? No matter whether they use our Multipeel resealing solution, our safe-sealing Safe Peel, our versatile flexible films or our slimline bags – there is no need to do without maximum functionality, because all these films will be available in a polyolefin-based variant.

  • Possibility to recycle the packaging material
  • Supports legal demand for recyclable packaging
  • Development of different film concepts for different applications


Our green vision – Plastics produced from renewable raw materials

SÜDPACK has already taken another bold step into the future and now develops films based on different renewable raw materials for our top webs, bottom webs and flow packs. The environmental benefits include reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our future dependence in oil. Film made from renewable raw materials offer the same product protection as conventional plastics films. In the future, it will therefore be possible to proudly present meat, sausage and dairy products in “green” packaging at the POS.

  • Unique potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Alternative to petroleum-based films
  • Positive influence on the Life Cycle Assessment of plastic packaging


For a natural purchasing experience

Paper laminated film packaging solutions score highly with their premium quality appearance and renewable material content. The new SÜDPACK Craft Line will be offering a range of particularly high-quality film packaging solutions with a paper content. It currently includes the products Veraplex Craft, Ecocraft Skin, Ecocraft Shape and Planova Craft.

All of the products in the Craft Line stand out with their particularly natural look and great printability. They combine a thin layer of plastic with paper, without losing anything in performance.
The products are also available laminated with FSC® certified paper on request.

Inform your customers about your sustainable packaging

Only open communication strengstens brand image and customer loyalty. Because film packaging is sustainable.


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