Sustainable film solutions

Sustainability is very close to our hearts. That is why we are continuously working on reducing the material consumption for our film solutions to a minimum. That means our thin film solutions not only conserve resources and the environment; they also provide optimal product protection.


By using thinner films, the environmental impact of packaging can be reduced. Thinner films mean less use of raw materials, which ultimately results in less waste. In addition, weight and space are saved during transport. As a result, the proportion of goods during transport increases significantly and loading areas can be used optimally. This improves the LCA.

Despite the reduction in thickness, the protective function must not be neglected. Our film solutions protect fresh food from spoiling. This, in turn, is not only good for consumers who receive high product quality. It also conserves valuable resources and contributes significantly to minimizing the loss of precious food and reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Product properties

The three main properties


Less use of resources

Product protection

Protects the product from external influences

Longer shelf life

Keeps the product longer fresh

Product applications

All sustainable film solutions at a glance

Our films protect your product and therefore the environment. Our sustainable film solutions conserve resources and offer you various opportunities to achieve your sustainability goals.



As a manufacturer of plastic film for the packaging food, medical products and high-value technical goods, we believe we have a responsibility to find answers to economic, environmental and social challenges.

Films & applications

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