Sturdy packaging made of rigid film

Sturdy rigid tray packaging can be formed from rigid film. As such it is the first choice for an attractive presentation of sliced goods – whether on the supermarket shelf or at the chilled counter. Wherever they are used, rigid films by SÜDPACK will make your product look great.

Ridig films

We produce monoextruded or coextruded rigid films made from the three basic materials polyester, polypropylene and polystyrene. Depending on the material, these are suitable for various applications: polypropylene is particularly good for thermal treatments. Rigid films made from polystyrene, on the other hand, can be adapted to specific requirements through special formulations. Films made from polyester are particularly suitable for product presentation due to their high transparency and rigidity.

Product properties

The three main properties


wide portfolio for numerous applications


the films are particularly dimensionally stable

Appearance at the POS

attractive presentation of products such as cut goods

Product applications

All rigid films at a glance

Basic rigid films can be individually printed and equipped with different sealing layers and barriers for their application. Working together, we will find the optimum solution for your product.


Do you want to find out more about our solutions?

We can offer you customised film and film systems designed to attract attention. Contact us: Working together, we will find the right film solution for your application!

Films & applications

A suitable film for your product is not included? No problem. SÜDPACK has the right film for every application. Discover our wide range of films for every product. Return here to the overview page.