Blister lids

Blister lids

Blister lids suit, depending on their complexion, for ethylene gas-, stream- oder steam- sterilisation. The basic material (Paper und Tyvek®) can, considering the coating, be sealed against various peel-materials.

Basic material (Tyvek®)
Due to the numerous coating options for blister lids it is possible to seal against various blister materials in accordance with the current sterilisation methods.  

Printing and punching
Customized multi-colour printing and die-cut lid production are possible.  

Clean room ISO 7 (class 10.000)  

Product conformity
Norm EN-868-1, EN868-6 and EN868-1



Product applications

  • Gamma sterilisation
  • ETO gaz sterilisation
  • Steam sterilisation (up to 134°C)


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