Special film for thermal applications

Lidding film for extremely easy opening of plastic packaging: as a top web, CanLid Peel can be used for a wide variety of different products and applications as the lidding film. And this can be conducted under extreme temperatures, too – from deep-freezing right up to sterilisation. Due to the tried and tested Südpack peel system, the lidding film remains peelable without leaving threads even under thermal conditions.

CanLid Peel

Heat resistance meets versatile design options


The CanLid Peel can be used as a lidding film on its own or for example together with a snap-on lid for applications subjected to extreme temperatures, from deep-freezing right up to sterilisation. Due to the outstanding dense white coverage of the film and the possibility of printing it with diverse designs, this product really stands out when placed in a display. Due to the wide application spectrum, the product is suitable for modified atmosphere pack solutions and vacuum packaging right up to applications with high heat resistance (sterilisation, etc.) and microwave applications.



Product applications

  • Ready meals, convenience products: rice, pasta, soups, curry sausage,
    component trays, etc.
  • Sausage: liver sausage, pate, whole sausages
  • Dairy products: mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta, quark, yoghurt, spread
  • Vegetables, sauces, olives, antipasti
  • Desserts, marmalades
  • Pet food

Product properties

The three main properties

High barrier

Longer shelf life and product quality


Perfect peel performance when hot or cold

Heat resistance

Suitable for the microwave, sterilization, pasteurization and hot-filling

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Ready meals, convenience products: suitable for pasteurization, sterilization, hot filling and the microwave.
  • Optimum results when sealing through product residues.
  • Tried and tested SÜDPACK Peel System: for simple and thread-free opening in cold and hot condition.
  • Suitable for deep freezing.
  • Suitable in combination with a snap-on lid.
  • Great scope for design and layout.


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