We give our all every day, and develop packaging solutions which not only optimally protect products, but which also guarantee an attractive appearance at the point of sale as well as maximising convenience for the consumer. Innovative concepts, ultra-modern technologies and traditional values such as reliability and stability have made SÜDPACK a leading provider of film packaging across Europe. For us, this is both an incentive and an obligation: we want to be the best, and not compromise the quality of our products and services.

Tradition becomes innovation

Collaborative obligations for the future

We maintain traditional values, knowledge and experience. These form the basis for our work and the development of new processes and products. As a future-orientated family-run company, we continuously invest in new technologies and improve our packaging solutions. Together with our customers and suppliers, we develop products which convince our customers. The driving force behind our innovations comprises of our knowledge, experience and motivation, with specialists who have years of experience as well as young, well-trained employees who are able to incorporate and expand on this.

  • Tradition generates innovation

    > Committed to the future together


    We cultivate traditional values, knowledge and experience. They form the basis and potential for developing new processes and products.

    We are always investing in new, forward-looking technologies and strive for continuous improvement. That is why we research and develop new products with customers and suppliers – products that open up new markets for us.

    What drives our innovations is knowledge, experience and motivation. This is brought to us and constantly extended by specialists with many years of experience as well as our well-trained employees.

  • Commitment generates quality

    > Generating quality with passion and dedication


    Striving to be among the best in our industry comes from the way we see ourselves as a family-run company. That is why quality is our overriding principle – a principle that we deploy with passion.

    The basic requirements for cooperation with our suppliers are they have above-average, certified and regularly monitored standards of quality, hygiene and environmental safety.

    We are able to achieve top quality along our entire process chain through the individual commitment, the excellent qualifications and the high standard of training of our employees. Over and above this, the active and consistent implementation of LEAN management and ideas management contributes to the constant improvement of our products and processes.

  • Vision generates reality

    > We make vision visible


    As manufacturers of highly refined, flexible laminated films, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve and setting ourselves challenges for new developments.

    Our know-how and our production methods enable us to implement any customer wishes, tailoring or response from all the areas of our product portfolio. The latest technologies and state-of-the-art plant and equipment enable the co-extrusion of multi-layered, complex films and, consequently, specific configuration of the film properties. Highly professional printing processes and optimum workflow through the company’s own preparation procedures guarantee the best print results.

    This makes us very flexible and rapidly able to turn our customers‘ vision into reality with the greatest professional expertise.

  • Responsibility generates trust

    > Your reliable Partner


    Our family identity is firmly anchored in our company tradition. This trust can be seen in our partnerships with customers and suppliers that have developed over many years. Partnerships characterised by reliability and frank, honest communication.

    We are committed to the optimum packaging of our customers products – as good packaging generates trust. We measure ourselves in terms of the success and satisfaction of our customers. An important element of this is a closeness with our customers which we achieve through our broad sales network.

    With our solid financial base and our investment program we ensure the long-term future and growth of our company and security of the jobs of our employees.

  • Respect generates sustainability

    > We organise for future Generations


    The three pillars of sustainability – economy, ecology and social awareness – are an integral part of our company philosophy and our activities.

    We respect the finite nature of resources and consequently make sure that we work with them as carefully as possible and use them efficiently.

    We incorporate special environmentally friendly processes in the packaging solutions we develop for our customers. We take a holistic approach to our production and the use of processes that save on energy and raw materials and we rely on certified environmental management.

    Our objective is to ensure the long-term independence and financial stability of our family-run company. We create a working environment for our employees that corresponds with our family identity and we offer them attractive prospects for the future, plenty of job satisfaction and thereby hopefully many years of loyalty to the company.


    Learn more about sustainability.


Sustainability at SÜDPACK

As a manufacturer of plastic film for the packaging food, medical products and high-value technical goods, we believe we have a responsibility to find answers to economic, environmental and social challenges.

Our history

From the past until today

The values and the enthusiasm with which the trained dairy master Alfred Remmele founded SÜDPACK in 1964 are still upheld within our company today. Over the past five decades, SÜDPACK, which is based in Ochsenhausen, Swabia, has developed into a leading international film manufacturer for foodstuffs, non-foods and medical packaging.


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Foundation of SÜDPACK through Alfred Remmele

Alfred Remmele became self-employed in 1964 and, in his own private garage, began to develop film bags in which cheese was able to mature thanks to a controlled gas exchange. Through this development, the trained dairy master was able to offer packaging to meet a growing new trend: self-service offer ranges in supermarkets.


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Foundation of the Ecoform subsidiary

With the foundation of the first subsidiary Ecoform in Erlenmoos adjacent to Ochsenhausen, SÜDPACK was able to expand its range of rigid and flexible films. We thus focus on the consistently-growing market for packaging solutions which prolongs the shelf life of foodstuffs such as meat and cheese.


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Foundation of CDP Laboratories (today SÜDPACK Medica)

During the manufacture of SÜDPACK films, high quality, safety and hygiene standards apply. We have continued to develop these for the manufacture of sterile packaging. Since 1989, we have produced coextruded films in Columer, France, whilst complying with state of the art safety standards.


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Acquisition of Picotti (today SÜDPACK Bioggio, Centre for Gravure Print)

With the acquisition of the plant in Bioggio, Ticino, we have strengthened our competence in gravure print. Today approximately 151 employees are employed at SÜDPACK Bioggio.


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Opening of the Customer Centre for Film Development and Application Technology

We develop new film solutions together with our customers and based on the market requirements. With the Customer Centre for Film Development and Application Technology, we offer customers the opportunity to test films for conventional packs at our facility.


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Introduction of new Coex technology in Ochsenhausen

Technologies for film production are constantly undergoing development. Coextruded films provide improved film properties in comparison to mono films. With the introduction of a new Coex technology 2011, we were able to offer our customers state of the art, highly functional films.


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Opening of a new training workshop

SÜDPACK continues to grow due to the competence of it’s employees who integrate new ideas and approaches. In the new training workshop, trainees and students learn the basic principles of their respective field of work in a modern environment.


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Acquisition Bahpol in Poland (today SÜDPACK Kłobuck, second location for flexo print)

With the acquisition of the Polish packaging finisher Bahpol in Kłobuck, we have continued to expand our service for international customers. As the second location for flexo print, SÜDPACK Kłobuck serves our important Eastern European market both locally and quickly.


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Commissioning of the multiXtrusion pilot plant

A fast development of well-designed film solutions: Using the multiXtrusion pilot plant, we are able to depict all conventional manufacturing processes for films as realistically as possible. In this way, we can strengthen our innovative force as a company - and that of our customers, with whom we collaborate on new forms of packaging.