Zero Pellet loss

Fight pellet loss!
One thing is clear: Plastics are a valuable material and do not belong in the environment. For this reason, SÜDPACK has been involved in the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative of the German Trade Association for Plastic Packaging since 2016. This initiative aims to prevent plastic pellets from entering the environment or sewage system, where they can subsequently contaminate coastal areas and seas.


This has led SÜDPACK to take extensive measures in production to further minimize pellet loss. “Our safety system is already quite good and successful,” explains Tharcisse Carl, Managing Director of SÜDPACK and responsible for the Production and Technology division. “Our employees play a crucial role in this, as they continue to incrementally improve our processes with great attention to detail. Process steps that are particularly critical include filling of the silos and further transport of the pellets within the production process. It is imperative here to prevent pellets from being spilled and to immediately sweep up and carefully dispose of spilled pellets. “This is something that doesn’t just protect the environment,” says Carl. “It also allows us to increase occupational health and safety, because pellets can for example lead to slip-and-fall accidents.”