Top print quality for effective results: In rotogravure, we design a wide range of films, printed on both sides and with up to twelve colours. Rotogravure print is ideal if you want to print large batches of films with extreme precision and high quality. Here, the individual colours are depicted with great precision. As one of the leaders in technology, we offer a comprehensive service which goes beyond printing itself: We engrave the cylinders required for printing ourselves and also store them – which means that we can reproduce your design at any time quickly and saving cost.


Features at a glance

  • Top print quality: precise and brilliant colour runs
  • Economic process for large quantities of film
  • With up to 12 colour assignments, best colour contrasts
  • Printed image also possible on both sides with accurate repeat, including inline converting
  • Enhancement options with finishes
  • Suitable for a wide range of different types of film
  • Service from a single source: We will take care of your printing from the pre-press stage to print approval on machine
  • Archiving the printing cylinder to allow quick reproducibility on reorders


Technical properties of gravure print

With our copperplate/steel engraving printing process, we achieve high precision printing results: The cylinders required for the process apply precisely defined quantities of colour onto the film from cells of various depths. This precision allows us to ensure a high level of reproducibility of your design. In the printing machine, variable layers of colour are applied at high speed, the front/reverse of the film can be printed at the same time. It is also possible to laminate printed films inline at the same time.


Print quality and best colour contrasts

Rotogravure makes a great impression with excellent colour contrast, clear degrading tints and razor sharp images. With up to twelve colours, it makes complex, multi-coloured motifs, logos, and labelling brilliant. We can also enhance the printed films for you with various finishes, ensuring additional effects on the supermarket shelf. In rotogravure print, we also use state-of-the-art technology – for consistently high print quality from the first to the last metre of film. Errors in the printed image or material are immediately detected with print inspection using an error detection system.

The print data are important for a good print result. The most important information that has to be taken into account when creating the print data has been complied for you in our print guidelines.


Pre-press stage in gravure print

Rotogravure print is a matter for the experts. That is why we also handle the pre-press stage directly on site on our premises. We work closely together with you, your agency or alternatively an external repro house to ensure an optimal printed image. The up to twelve cylinders required for your print will be engraved by our specialists and will be archived later on. This allows us to reproduce your design exactly at any time for reorders.


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