Unaided opening – thanks to laser perforation. Just hold the film packaging in your hand and tear it open conveniently.


Laserperforation xtear

That’s the type of comfort consumers want. Whether tubular bags, top webs for trays or 3-seal bags are concerned - SÜDPACK lasers laminated films according to your wishes: in the diagonal or longitudinal direction or with individual contours, thus allowing consumer-friendly packaging to be designed. A defined amount of the film’s carrier layer is removed, whereas the film’s barrier properties are fully preserved.

Product properties

The three main properties


Customer-friendly packaging opening.


Barrier properties are preserved.


Entire tear line visible, can be used as design element.

Product applications

xtear applications

Meat and sausages

small sausages, cold cuts

Dairy products

cheese, assorted cheese slices

Other products

Ready meals | Snacks and confectionery Animal feed | detergents (powder)

Powder and liquids

Stickbags (powder and liquids) | Technical articles

Your advantages

The Plus for you and your customers

  • Effective and simple opening with no tools.  
  • Minimum tearing force and controlled tear propogation of the film.  
  • Constant cyclic power output on the packaging facility.  
  • No extra installation on the packaging facility needed.  
  • Product-specific tearing options.  
  • No restrictions of the shelf life due to barrier preservation.  
  • Finishing with digital print, flexo or gravure print.


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