A first impression is often all it takes to decide to buy. That is why we offer you a wide range of possibilities to design your film packaging so that it really stands out at the point of sale. Whether using rotogravure, flexo or digital printing: Our experts will ensure you get effective results – right up to personalisation of the packaging. In further processing, we enhance, laminate, convert and slit the film. Everything to ensure that your product comes into its own – whilst ensuring that consumers have an optimal product experience.

    Printing processes

    Film print made by SÜDPACK

    With decades of experience, we are among the market leaders when it comes to film printing. To ensure that the results are really impressive, we use state-of-the-art printing technology – for brilliant colours, clear gradient tints and razor sharp images. With us, you have the choice between rotogravure, flexo and digital printing. We would be glad to advise you as to which printing process is most suitable for your packaging. And we will accompany you through the whole process – from material selection to the pre-press stage right up to print approval on the machine.

    Online shop

    Visit our new online shop

    Are you in a hurry to get printed packaging film for your product, or would you like to design your promotional goods in an uncomplicated manner? With the Südpack Online Shop you can use our digital printing process even more easily. A configurator will suggest suitable films to you, you can upload your printed image and once we have given it approval, your packaging material will be printed in high quality. Within a few days the finished product will be with you – a service that is unique within Europe – made by Südpack.

    Repro as pre-press

    What process steps does this involve?

    With film printing we leave nothing to chance: Our repro experts are at your side for the entire process. We would be glad to advise you about selecting the best material and printing process for your product. We make the print plates in the pre-press stage where required. We ensure that the printing results meet the most stringent requirements. All from a single source.

    To support you preparing your print data, you find all the important information in our print guidelines.

    Print finishing

    Our options for print enhancement

    The film is classy, whether shiny or matt! To enhance your film, we offer you a range of options – always precisely suited to design and product. With shiny, matt, or haptic lacquer, we give your film the final touch and as required, achieve a particularly prestigious or natural look and feel.

    Shiny finish

    A shiny finish really gleams, giving packaging the attractive look of an extremely smooth and unbroken surface. Dark colours have a strong colour depth. Colour contrasts are particularly clear.

    Matt finish

    A matt finish can be realised with different emphasis. In comparison to a shiny finish, the surface feels significantly rougher and with more grip. The film is not reflective and the colours appear soft and clear.

    Haptic lacquer

    As a special type of matt finish, the haptic lacquer can be applied in different degrees of roughness – coordinated to achieve the respective required effect. The options range from slightly roughened feel to a finish which is highly reminiscent of paper.

    Print approval

    What happens during the print approval?

    As a general rule, we will make all the decisions associated with printing on your film jointly with you. In flexo and rotogravure printing processes, you approve your order at our premise after viewing the sample printing. Through additional preliminary and final consultations, you are involved in all steps of the printing process.


    How is the print further processed?

    We will make further processing of your film easy for you: By laminating, slitting, and converting, we will shape it so that it meets your specific requirements.


    How and where are lasers used?

    With modern laser technology we turn our films into real high-tech solutions – for example in the shape of practical tear-off perforations making it very easy to open or with micro-perforations for gas exchange.