Get the feeling for sensible packaging: Südpack at Interpack 2017

Ochsenhausen / Düsseldorf, XX March 2017 – Packaging solutions that "make sense" – because they appeal to all the senses: Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG is not only presenting its latest film developments at Interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf. Stand C22 in Hall 10 is where visitors can find out how Südpack packaging speaks to the senses for tangible consumer benefits. Solutions like Veraplex and Multipeel offer real added value for the consumer – and offer benefits in terms of processing, product protection and design. Südpack's state-of-the-art digital printing process means customers can produce batches of printed films with options for full customization. With just a few mouse clicks, customers can configure and order their desired films in the new Südpack online shop and have them delivered within a few days.

Packaging appeals to all the senses. The sensory experience associated with packaging is a key factor in whether consumers perceive it as being worthwhile. That's why Südpack's presentation at this year's Interpack is all about Get the feeling for sensible packaging and gives visitors the opportunity to discover aspects of their products that may not be immediately apparent to the eye. "We have long taken an integrated approach in developing our film solutions. Packaging only really makes sense if it creates the best possible product experience for the consumer," explains Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele. "How does a film feel to the touch? Does it offer a clear view of the product inside? What does it sound like when it's opened? The added benefit of opening aids and resealing systems only really becomes clear when you hold the packaging in your hands and actually try it out. This is precisely what we are inviting visitors at our stand to do. We want them to experience our solutions with all of their senses – and discover the deeper sense."

Outstanding film printing – because the first impression counts
The first, visual impression is often the decisive factor in purchasing decisions. That's why Südpack offers its customers a wide range of design options, especially in terms of film printing. A state-of-the-art digital printing process completes the current portfolio of gravure and flexographic printing. The three techniques complement one another with different advantages and potential applications. Gravure printing is suitable for very large print volumes. The film can be printed on both sides in up to twelve colors, including pattern-matching and inline lamination. Fast, high-quality flexographic printing allows for up to eleven colors. Full-surface or partial matt/gloss effects can be achieved in both gravure printing and flexographic printing. Digital printing is ideal for smaller film batches, for instance for trade fairs, promotional merchandise or product launches. Film packaging can be printed with individual texts or images and even customized, with optimum print quality and short delivery times. "This extensive portfolio and decades of printing expertise give our customers a wealth of options," says Johannes Remmele. "We provide comprehensive guidance and support to make it easy to design packaging in a personalized, meaningful way."

Online shop for digital printing makes things easy
This service is complemented by a separate online shop for digital printing, which will be presented for the first time to a wide audience at Interpack. The shop makes it easier for manufacturers of food or technical devices to select and print small batches of film for a specific product. A special configurator recommends films to suit the customer's products. In the next step, the printing information is uploaded and the complete film solution is put together. Customers still enjoy the full support of the Südpack experts when ordering online. Südpack carefully reviews the film before it is printed. "We are the first film manufacturer in Europe to offer customers the option of ordering customized printed films quickly and easily online", explains Johannes Remmele. "Customers can configure and order films from a desktop computer or on the go via tablet or smartphone. We also offer flexible express deliveries to meet tight deadlines. We see this as a truly future-focused, meaningful approach."

Multiclose: Sensible packaging with added value
Along with services that truly make sense, the developers at Südpack are dedicated to sensible packaging solutions with added value for manufacturers and consumers. One of the premieres presented at Interpack is the new Multiclose packaging concept. This practical, resealable bag consisting of a top and base film combined with the innovative Multiclose resealing strip can be processed on all standard thermoforming machines without major modifications – no need to invest in new machinery. The Multiclose concept also fascinates customers with its wide range of design options for marketing. Top and base film can be printed as desired and the shape of the packaging adapted to attract attention at the point of sale. Consumers also love Multiclose's simple reclosable seal that preserves product freshness and aroma after opening.

Practical approach: Südpack resealable closures
The family of Multipeel films guarantees easy opening and resealing for long-lasting freshness. "Resealable closures are an extremely important factor in the film packaging experience. They guarantee flavor and freshness and ensure that the product always looks great, even after opening," Johannes Remmele explains. "We addressed this trend 15 years ago with Multipeel, which helped resealable packaging gain international market acceptance. Since then, we have continuously expanded our Multipeel family for new applications." Peel xPET, a crystal-clear top film, gives consumers a clear view of the product inside. A peelable closure makes it easy to open the packaging. This top film also sets benchmarks in production. Peel xPET seals securely on all PET trays and films from temperatures as low as 145°C, even if they are made of crystalline PET or PET treated with silicone or antiblock.

The xtear opening aids offer consumers real added value and are produced by Südpack using a modern laser process. xtear makes it very easy to open the composite film and is produced with a precision laser beam, without harming the barrier properties – the product remains impermeable to oxygen. A micro perforation for gas exchange is also possible with the laser procedure. The packaging is no longer just a means to an end but becomes a significant part of the product experience.

Meaningful and sustainable: Veraplex World
The same is true of the Veraplex World films, a collection of five different solutions for a wide range of different products. All of the Veraplex World films feature specific properties that create the best possible product experience for consumers. Veraplex Drum, a shrinkable lid film, Veraplex Protec, a prefabricated bag used chiefly as transport packaging, and Veraplex Plus, a Veraplex film laminate, are all highly transparent for a crystal-clear view of the product inside. The reduced thickness of Veraplex World films is also great in terms of sustainability.

Product development at the highest level
Meaningful packaging and concepts that appeal to all the senses are based on intensive research and often years of development work at Südpack. The film experts from Ochsenhausen don't leave anything to chance. They also work with state-of-the-art technologies in the R&D department. The newest example of this is the multiXtrusion test facility used by Südpack to enhance its own capacity for innovation as well as that of its customers. It enables the film experts to map and test all standard film production methods as realistically as possible. New packaging solutions can then be developed more rapidly and cost-effectively.