The Plus in your packaging

Large packaging is no problem for the Veraplex Plus: its high stability makes it the optimum lidding film for diverse applications. Meat and sausages, cheeses, assorted cheese slices, soft cheeses and fish look wonderful in this highly transparent, glossy film.

Veraplex Plus

Optimum presentation in the refrigerated section


With its excellent mechanical properties, Veraplex Plus is designed as a lidding film for large packaging and wide machines. Fresh products stay fresher for longer thanks to the EVOH high barrier, and an optional antifog coating provides a clear view. With high transparency and gloss an attractive product presentation is achieved. The excellent machinability of Veraplex film allows easy processing on thermoforming and tray sealer systems, on which modified atmosphere pack solutions or vacuum packaging can be produced. Their good tensile strength and planarity make this packaging highly consumer-friendly and easy to open.


Product applications

  • Meat and sausages: cold cuts, whole sausages
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices, fresh cheese
  • Fish
  • Bread and pasta products
  • Snacks and confectionery
  • Pet food
  • Technical products

Product properties

The three main properties

Mechanical strength

High puncture and tear resistance

High barrier

Optimum product protection

High transparency

Clear view of your product

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • High-quality, thin lidding film
  • Excellent opening characteristics for more convenience
  • Suitable for large packaging and large machine widths
  • Attractive product presentation due to high transparency and very good gloss
  • Increased product shelf life due to high barrier
  • High puncture and tear resistance


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