Here your product is on its head

The product world is upside down: With Upside Down, you have an alternative way to present your products in films with the customary SÜDPACK quality. The product is presented in a different way to the traditional thermoform pack. The clear rigid base becomes the front of the pack and what would have been the top film becomes the back of the pack. Turning the pack “upside down” presents the opportunity to decorate the back of the pack to increase shelf impact.


Innovative film system for presentation of products such as cold cuts

The Upside Down packaging system will help you differentiate your product from the others on the supermarket shelf. The ready-to-serve packaging presents your products from a different side: by reversing the classical packaging structure, it is possible to clearly view the product which is otherwise often hidden by printing or labels. These are printed on the back of the Upside Down. For a natural appearance, the top web can have a wood look printed on from the inside.

Product applications

  • Sausages: cold cuts, pastries, whole sausages
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices
  • Fish: smoked, in slices, seafood, fresh and frozen
  • Technical products

Product properties

The three main properties


unusual packaging system


large surface for brand communication

High transparency

clear view of your product

Your advantages

The Plus for you and your customers

  • Packaging design enables differentiation of your products
  • Upside-Down gives products premium character
  • Great scope for design and layout
  • Various film types, with or without resealing system, with paper laminate can be used for the system
  • Ready-to-serve packaging offers consumers conveniene


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