Side-gusseted bag for rectangular cheddar

The perfect solution for rectangular blocks of cheese: using Südpack side-gusseted bags, blocks of cheese up to 20kg, for example cheddar, can be packed fully automatically. Thanks to the special high barrier, the entire maturation time for the cheese takes place within the bag.

Side-gusseted bag

Safe packaging and maturation of large blocks of cheese

Side-gusseted bags by Südpack consist of multilayer high barrier material. Using these, large blocks of cheese can be packaged via a fully automatic packaging system. The process includes the bagging of the block of cheese, the shrink folding of the side gusset, vacuuming and sealing. The EVOH high barrier in the film protects the cheese against external influences during the entire maturation process. Due to its outstanding sealing properties, the side-gusseted bag also safely seals even through contamination.

Product applications

  • Dairy products: cheese blocks
  • Technical products

Product properties

The three main properties

Mechanical strength

high puncture and tear resistance

High barrier

improved shelf life

Shape retention

the film adapts itself to the rectangular shape of the cheese

Your advantages

The Plus for you and your customers

  • Process reliability during packaging
  • Supports the retention of shape (rectangular)
  • Increased product shelf life due to high barrier
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Secure sealing through contamination


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