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Peel-off, seals securely and suitable for hot applications: The Safe Peel Clear is a real all-rounder when it is a matter of packaging while hot right up to pasteurisation – but also for preparing food in the microwave. Products such as pasta, for example ravioli, tortellini, and other ready meals can be packaged conveniently in this way. Jams and sauces can be packed while hot.

Safe Peel Clear Hot

Hot applications reliably packed.


Safe Peel Clear Hot is a film specifically designed for hot applications. Hot filling and pasteurization of the food is possible with this package solution, thereby extending the product shelf life. The practical benefit for the end consumer: your packed meal can be heated directly in the microwave. This feature is fulfils the desire for convenience. The safe peel reliably seals the film, even when traces of oil, marinade or sauce are left in the sealing weld area during the filling process. The film securely seals narrow sealing welds, such as thin bars of multi-chamber trays. It provides reliable high-barrier product protection and can optionally be treated with gas (MAP).


Product applications

  • Pasta: fresh or pasteurized noodles, ravioli, filled pasta cases, soup add-ins
  • Ready meals: fresh or pasteurized
  • Jams, sauces

Product properties

The three main properties

Secure sealing

Safe Peel is as secure as a safe

Sealing welds

Secure on extremely narrow welds

Heat resistance

Suitable for hot applications

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Secure sealing even in the event of contamination or narrow welds, also for hot-filling and pasteurization.
  • The safe peel makes the packages simple to open without the need for a knife, scissors or a thread pull – in both cold and hot conditions.
  • Maximum transparency makes the product more attractive to the consumer.
  • High-barrier film for MAP packaging.
  • Outstanding machinability due to good planarity.
  • Stackable packaging.
  • Finishing with flexo or gravure print


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