Is as secure as a safe

Whether steak, filet, minced meat or other foodstuffs – Safe Peel Clear securely seals the seam even when the seam is contaminated with the product. Thanks to its high antifog properties and transparency, it is always possible to have a clear view of the product, thanks to Safe Peel opening packaging becomes child’s play.

Safe Peel Clear AF

Twice the benefit


Your package is peelable and sealed reliably with this top web, even when the product leaves residue, such as oil, marinade or powder on the edge of the seal. It offers maximum convenience to you as the customer as well as to the consumer. The crystal clear top web of the tray securely seals the contents until the consumer easily opens the packaging without tearing the film in the process. The contents stay fresh longer. The EVOH barrier integrated in the film ensures optimal shelf life.


Product applications

  • Sausages and meat: fresh meat, marinated meat, whole sausages
  • Fish: fresh, smoked
  • Powdered products: flour and baking mixtures
  • Gourmet salads
  • Confectionery
  • Pet food
  • Technical articles

Product properties

The three main properties


Strong anti-fog effect

High transparency

Clear view of your product

High barrier

Improved shelf life

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Safe Peel for user-friendly packaging: simple unaided opening with no tearing or pulling of threads.
  • Seal is absolutely secure even in the event of product residue.
  • Maximum transparency makes the product attractive to the consumer.
  • Outstanding machinability due to good planarity.
  • Wide processing window – increases productivity up to 13.5 cycles/minute.
  • Finishing available with digital, flexo and gravure print.


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