Resealable packaging with added value

Whether to consume portion by portion at home or “on the go”: Packaging with a resealing system offers maximum convenience to consumers – while simultaneously ensuring that products stay fresh for longer even after first being opened. As one of the pioneers in the field, today SÜDPACK offers a wide range of film solutions with resealing systems which provided consumers with real added value.

Resealable packaging

For more than 15 years now, SÜDPACK has been a trailblazer in resealable film packaging solutions. Here, our products offer convenience and product safety in one: With us, the resealing system has already been integrated directly into the film so that you can package your product easily, safely, and in a consumer-friendly manner. For example, removing and consuming cheese and sliced meats in portions then becomes child’s play for the consumer – the aroma and freshness of the product are then retained for for longer.

Product properties

The three main properties


Packaging is easy to open and reseal

Added value

the resealing system means your products remain fresh for longer


various packaging concepts can be realised with a resealing System

Product applications

All films with a resealing system at a glance

The possibility to easily and safely reseal the packaging again provides real added value for your customers. Our product family offers the suitable packaging solution for a wide range of applications.


Do you want to find out more about our solutions?

We can offer you customised film and film systems designed to attract attention. Contact us: Working together, we will find the right film solution for your application!

Films & applications

A suitable film for your product is not included? No problem. SÜDPACK has the right film for every application. Discover our wide range of films for every product. Return here to the overview page.