Peel-off all-rounder

Excellent sealing properties and reduced use of material make the Peel xPET a pioneering packaging solution for sealing on mono PET. It can be used for cheese and cold cuts or confectionary. Its high technical properties make it an ideal solution for technical applications as well. With its particularly soft and even peel, it is easy to open. Thanks to the film being thin, Peel xPET is also a particularly sustainable solution.

Peel xPET

High Performance: Seals securely on mono PET


Thanks to its excellent peel, it is particularly easy to open Peel xPET. In the packaging process, the film for thermoforming systems and tray sealers also displays excellent sealing behaviour: It already seals at extremely low temperatures of just 145 °C without fail – and that’s on films made of mono PET, crystalline PET as well as on trays which have been treated with antiblock or silicone. With its reduced thickness, Peel xPET also contributes towards sustainable use of packaging materials and increases production efficiency due to less reel changes.


Product applications

  • Sausages: cold cuts, whole sausages
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices
  • Fish: fresh, smoked, in slices
  • Bread and pasta products
  • Confectionery: chocolate, sugar products
  • Technical articles

Product properties

The three main properties

Product protection

safe sealing of the film


more running metres of film per reel


particularly thin film and reduced material consumption when sealing to mono PET applications

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Secure sealing without sealing misfires ensures high productivity
  • Low sealing temperature starting from 145 °C on mono PET with absolutely safe sealing on a range of different PETs – including crystalline PET
  • Transparent and glossy packaging
  • Suitable for use in combination with snap-on lids
  • Sustainable packaging solution due to less weight of packaging


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