Permanent brand presence

Smaller sized portions and the need for products which are always fresh are increasing the requirements of packaging. Multipeel top web is easy to open and its resealing system makes it easy to divide cold cuts, processed meats, assorted cheese slices or smoked fish into portions to ensure it can be enjoyed to the full right down to the last slice.


Resealable & “ready-to-serve”.

Fresh foods products that keep their taste for a longer period of time are thrown away less frequently. That not only spares your purse, it also spares the environment thanks to Multipeel. The resealable top film is especially simple to open and reseal, thus making secondary packaging superfluous. A brilliant print in up to twelve colours rounds off the good impression. On request, SÜDPACK supplies a coordinated top and bottom web system.

Product applications

  • Sausages: cold cuts, whole sausages
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices
  • Fish: in slices
  • Bread and pastries
  • Confectionery
  • Technical products

Product properties

The three main properties

Resealing system

Easy to open and reseal

High transparency

Clear view of your product


Less use of resources

Your advantages

The Plus for you and your customers

  • Packaging is especially easy to open and reseal.
  • Reseal system integrated in the film – additional labelling or repackaging of the food product is unnecessary.
  • Ready-to-serve packaging increases brand presence.
  • Packaged product is clearly visible.
  • SÜDPACK application engineers provide onsite support to customers – primarily during product qualifications and launches.
  • Finishing in flexo or gravure print.
  • Variable barriers – depending on desired permeability. Protective gas packaging (MAP) for longer shelf life are possible.



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