An unbeatable multitalent

Versatile and efficient: The Multipeel xPET is a resealing solution with excellent sealing properties on mono PET trays or films and reduced usage of materials. This makes it an efficient and sustainable packaging solution for cold cuts, cheese, sandwich spreads, antipasti and technical articles.

Multipeel xPET

Less material – secure sealing

Outstanding sealing properties and less use of material make Multipeel xPET an extremely future-oriented resealing solution. It is persuasive due to its absolutely secure sealing in various applications: at low sealing temperatures, on various PET package types or on trays treated with antiblock or silicone. Multipeel xPET is available with or without high barrier. For you that means increased efficiency and less use of materials.


Product applications

  • Sausages: cold cuts
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices, sandwich spread
  • Antipasti, olives
  • Confectionery: chocolate, sugar products
  • Technical products

Product properties

The three main properties

Resealing system

Easy to open and reseal

Increased productivity

More running metres per roll


Less use of resources

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Safe production with no sealing misfires.
  • Low sealing temperature of only 145°C needed.
  • Absolutely secure sealing on mono PET, crystalline PET as well as films or trays treated with antiblock or silicone.
  • Variable barrier – according to desired permeability. Protective gas packaging (MAP) for longer shelf life also optional.
  • Reduced use of resources due to elimination of the PE sealing film in the bottom web or tray.
  • Contributes towards sustainability due to less roll replacement, lower transport weight, less waste.
  • Transparent and glossy packaging.


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