The protective one

Product protection for sensitive foodstuffs: Thanks to its high barrier, Multifol GVA (BT) is particularly suitable for bread and bakery product applications. However, fresh meat and cheese products are also securely packed. On the supermarket shelf, it provides an attractive view of its contents thanks to its excellent transparency.

Multifol GVA BT

The high barrier film for thermoforming applications

The coextruded film Multifol GVA (BT) is made of polyamide and polyethylene layers as well as an EVOH high barrier. This means it provides a particularly high oxygen barrier and can be used for both MAP packaging and vacuum packaging. After being used on thermoforming systems, it is particularly durable and puncture resistant. This means that it not only protects the product with its barrier properties, but also its shape: Thanks to its high stability and protective properties, Multifol GVA (BT) is also suitable for technical items.

Product applications

  • Meat and sausages: cold cuts, pastries, whole sausages, marinated meat, steaks
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices
  • Bread
  • Fish: smoked, in slices, seafood, fresh and frozen
  • Ready meals
  • Pet food
  • Technical products

    Product properties

    The three main properties


    high mechanical strength

    High barrier

    improved shelf life of the product

    High transparency

    clear view of your product

    Your advantages

    The Plus for you and your customers

    • Optimal product protection with high barrier
    • High stability and puncture resistance of the film
    • Transparent film allows attractive product presentation


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