The temperature specialist

Multifol GAH/GAP performs well in both hot and cold applications. The top and bottom web is appropriate for a temperature range of minus degrees up to plus 121°C and can therefore be used for both frozen goods as well as ready meals in the microwave.

Multifol GAP / GAH

Top and bottom web for deep freezing and high temperature applications

The coextruded laminated film made of polyamide and polyolefin layers is transparent. With a wide sealing range and high puncture resistance, it is primarily used for temperature applications such as pasteurisation, sterilisation and heating in the microwave. Even after thermoforming, it still features high puncture resistance. It is commonly used for products with a long pasteurisation process such as tofu, potatoes, ready meals and prepared meats. It is also excellent for sous vide cooking.

Product applications

  • Meat
  • Ready meals
  • Vegetables

Product properties

The three main properties


high mechanical strength


suitable for deep freezing and microwave applications

Attractive at the point of sale

content is easy to view through transparent film

Your advantages

The Plus for you and your customers

  • Suitable for products which need to be pasteurized for a long time and at high temperatures
  • Suitable for thermoforming systems
  • Optimal for deep freezing, refrigerating and temperature applications
  • Stable and puncture-resistant for a high level of product protection
  • Easy to prepare meals in the microwave


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