Recloseable packs made easy

Easy opening and reclosing play a crucial role in the purchasing decision of the consumer. The innovative packaging concept Multicose with the recloseable strip offers highest convenience and maximum product protection. The recloseable pack for the thermoforming machine is ideal for small portions and for consumption on the go. The pack can be attractively finished with matt and gloss lacquer.


Innovative packaging concept for thermoforming systems


The packaging concept made from top and bottom web makes it easy to open and close the pack. Fresh foodstuffs can be portioned easily, as well as confectionery and pet food. In comparison to conventional recloseable packaging, Multiclose saves on material and makes an important contribution to environmental sustainability. The innovative recloseable strip is applied in a single step between the top and bottom web of the pack on a thermoforming system. This means that to have Multiclose does not require investment in a new machine.


Product applications

  • Meat and sausages: cold cuts
  • Dairy products: cheese & assorted cheese slices
  • Fish: fresh, smoked, sliced
  • Bread and pastries
  • Confectionery: chocolate and sweets
  • Pet food (e.g. sticks)

Product properties

The three main properties


Innovative packaging concept for packs with a reclosing system


Can be produced on all thermoforming systems – no investment in new machinery required.


Maximum design freedom for differentiation at the point of sale

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Unique packaging concept for recloseable packs.
  • The focus is on user-friendliness: The packaging can be easily opened with a wide tear strip with the special Easy Open sealed seam.
  • Suitable for thermoforming machines with standard or sandwich heating
  • Offer an authentic, high quality exterior through enhancement with a tactile lacquer or matt finish.
  • As an option, the packaging concept offers the possibility to apply authenticity protection. Your products are safely and well packaged.
  • In comparison to conventional recloseable packaging the packaging concept saves on costs.


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