Flexible packaging material for the future

Our flexible films are real all-rounders: They are suitable for both deep-freeze applications and for heating up in the microwave. The trend is moving towards films which are getting thinner and with increasingly high performance which, thanks to different properties, are suitable for a range of different products.

Flexible film

Flexible films are coextruded at SÜDPACK using the cast film process. With state-of-the-art technology, it is now possible to coextrude with up to ten layers. This means that the scope for selective design of the properties of flexible films has become even greater: Today we are able to manufacture multi-layer top and bottom webs with various barrier properties for applications from deep freezing to heating in the microwave.

Product properties

The three main properties

Added value

the amount of packaging material required is decreasing all the time


wide product portfolio for numerous applications


high puncture resistance for sensitive content

Product applications

All flexible films at a glance

Flexible films are suitable for a wide range of applications and products due to their high level of puncture resistance, various barrier properties, and transparency. Working together, we will find the right packaging solution for your product.


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We can offer you customised film and film systems designed to attract attention. Contact us: Working together, we will find the right film solution for your application!

Films & applications

A suitable film for your product is not included? No problem. SÜDPACK has the right film for every application. Discover our wide range of films for every product. Return here to the overview page.