The epitome of versatility

Ecocraft Shape clearly demonstrates how renewable raw materials can go hand in hand with top performance! The bottom web is made of 80% paper, is flexible in form, and can be sealed with absolute reliability. Ecocraft Shape packaging is perfect for storing chilled products that are extremely sensitive, such as fish, meat, sausages, and cheese.

Ecocraft Shape

Highly moldable and various sealing options

Ecocraft Shape is a bottom web with great attention to detail. It can be thermoformed up to 15 millimeters and is able to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. Whether it’s a firmly sealing fastening or with peel technology, as MAP or skin packaging, the modern bottom web from the reel is extremely versatile and can be customized to your product. The emphasis is on natural materials – the bottom web is made of 80% paper with a thin PE layer on the side facing the product.


Product applications

  • Meat and sausages: cold cuts, whole sausages, marinated meat, steaks
  • Dairy products: cheese, assorted cheese slices
  • Fish: smoked, in slices, seafood, fresh and frozen
  • Pet food
  • Technical products

Product properties

The three main properties


Made of 80 % paper


Excellent thermoforming characteristics

Flexibly adaptable

Various sealing and packaging method options

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Bottom web made of 80% paper, 20% film
  • Flexible and moldable thanks to thermoforming up to 15 millimeters
  • Firmly sealing and peel options
  • Compatible with all top webs with PE sealing layer
  • Available as MAP and skin packaging
  • No major set-up costs: reel material, suitable for all conventional thermoforming systems


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