An efficient packaging system

Bags on a roll, the innovative and patented packaging solution by Südpack. In interaction with a VSM® packaging line, a fully-automatic and safe packaging process is created.

Bags on a roll

Bags on a roll for use on the VSM® machine

Bags on a roll are tubular bags which are linked via a chain and then rolled up. In a tried and tested, fully-automatic process, they can be opened, filled, evacuated and sealed on the appropriate VSM® machine. The packaging solutions, which have proven their worth for years, reliably protect the shape of blocks of cheese and round cheeses. Film properties such as barrier function, thickness and width are adapted to your individual application. The bag films can also be tinted and printed for an attractive product presentation.

Product applications

  • Dairy products: Cheese blocks

Product properties

The three main properties


fully-automatic processing

Shape retention

In combination with the vacuum system, the bag supports the shape of the cheese

System application

system made from a bag and the VSM® machine

Your advantages

The plus for you and your customers

  • Efficiency in the packaging process through full automation
  • Film properties such as barrier functions and thicknesses can be adapted
  • Tried and tested system consisting of bags and the VSM® machine
  • The shape of the cheese is optimally protected
  • Films can be used for brand presentation through tinting and printing


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