Packaging film expertise: Südpack at Pro2Pac

Ochsenhausen/London, February 2017 – Film manufacturer and finishing specialist Südpack Verpackungen GmbH und Co. KG is showcasing its comprehensive packaging expertise at this year's Pro2Pac in London. From 20 to 22 March, Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG Branch Office UK will present a range of film solutions and printing options for various applications (Stand N1070). The company's portfolio ranges from the Veraplex product range and innovative opening aids to a wide variety of design options with Südpack's new digital printing system at the company's Ochsenhausen site.

Pro2Pac takes place every two years and is the UK's only trade fair for food and drink packaging. Presented together with two parallel events, IFE, Great Britain's biggest trade fair for the food and beverage industry, and Waste-Works, Pro2Pac is a hotspot for food production and processing in the UK. "We use the opportunities at Pro2Pac to present our extensive product portfolio to a key market," explains Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele. "Our wide range of film lines and printing options enables us to handle our customers' individual packaging ideas starting with the initial concept and to implement these projects with the best materials."

Resealable multi-purpose film: Multipeel xPET
Multipeel xPET is a versatile multipurpose product from the Südpack portfolio. This crystal-clear top film makes life easier for cheese, sausage and snack manufacturers as well as for consumers. Remmele: "Unlike other films, Multipeel xPET seals securely on all PET trays and hard films from temperatures as low as 145°C. It also seals onto crystalline PET or PET treated with silicone or antiblock." This latest addition to the Multipeel line can be produced with or without high barrier properties – a truly unique feature. The rigidity of the material makes it easier for consumers to open and reseal the packaging.

Specialist for perishable bulk products
The Veraplex film range boasts outstanding puncture resistance combined with minimum film thickness. It provides optimum product protection and oxygen as well as aroma barrier properties. This makes it ideal for perishable bulk goods like nuts and other products with high mechanical requirements. The product range includes lid films for MAP applications (Lidfilm), an extremely tear-resistant tubular bag film (Veraplex Flowpack) and a sustainable film laminated with paper (Veraplex Craft).

Flexible soft films: The Multifol series
The trend in soft films is towards products that are increasingly thin and robust. Soft films with up to ten layers are co-extruded for the Südpack Multifol family. The product line includes Multifol GA, a thermoforming film suitable for pasteurization, Multifol GVA, a high-barrier film, and Multifol G Plus, a film with high puncture resistance that is ideal for products with sharp edges.

Second skin for food products
Südpack skin films protect the product inside by virtue of their extreme flexibility. Top film and base films from the Multi SV series come together to create a vacuum skin packaging that forms a complete seal and is perfect for hanging food displays. The top film fits the product snugly without changing its shape or form. The base films can be colored and printed as required.

Easy opening with xtear
"Convenience is increasingly important to consumers", Remmele explains. "The best packaging is quick and easy to open without mechanical aids. One of the ways we are meeting this need is with xtear, an opening aid for tubular packaging." The pre-perforated laser seam makes it easy to tear open bags for mozzarella or other packaging without the need for scissors or a sharp knife. Barrier properties and product protection are not compromised by xtear in any way. Asides from tubular packaging, the opening solution can also be used for top films for trays.

Printing expertise across Europe
Film printing facilities at the three plants in Ochsenhausen, Bioggio and Klobuck round out the Südpack product portfolio. Three different options – gravure printing, flexographic printing and digital printing – complement one another with different advantages and applications. Gravure printing is particularly suited for very large print volumes. The film can be printed on both sides in up to twelve colors, including pattern-matching and inline lamination. Fast, high-quality flexographic printing allows for up to ten colors. Digital printing is the latest addition to the printing family. It allows customers to digitally print smaller film volumes for trade fairs, promotional merchandise or product launches. The film can be printed in up to seven colors, including white. 


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