The Veraplex World

Insightful foil solutions
Ochsenhausen / Düsseldorf, 04. Mai 2017 – 04 May 2017 – Veraplex films from Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG are a world of their own and set new standards. These films are extremely thin with outstanding technical properties, including puncture resistance, effective oxygen/aroma barriers, and extreme tear resistance. This makes the films ideal for products with high mechanical requirements and demanding bulk goods. A high-quality, transparent appearance attracts attention at the point-of-sale.

Veraplex films offer outstanding performance and technical properties – with minimal film thickness. As pioneers in the field, they are characterized by sustainability and excellent barrier properties along with a diversity of design and presentation options. High transparency and gloss attract attention at the point of sale. Thanks to extreme tear resistance, Veraplex ensures simple, tear-free opening of the packaging.   The product groups in the Veraplex World are named according to their unique properties. "Thanks to the straightforward naming system for the Veraplex World, customers no longer have to ask which film best suits their product or matches another packaging component," explains Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele. "With the Veraplex World, we showcase all of the options that clients have in terms of product protection, design alternatives and sustainable packaging production. Each Veraplex World subgroup is tailored to a specific packaging format."  

The Veraplex World comprises five film groups: Veraplex, which serves as a base film for standard applications, Veraplex Plus, Veraplex Drum, Veraplex Craft and Veraplex Protec. With these five packaging groups, Südpack covers a wide range of applications, from nuts and other sharp-edged goods, to more demanding products like fresh meat and technical articles.  

Flexible, highly technical and eye-catching Veraplex serves as the basis. This highly transparent film can be used for lid films, Flowpacks, etc. Characterized by its defined shrinkage properties and high mechanical strength, Veraplex Drum is ideal as a top film for modified atmosphere packaging trays. Veraplex Craft shows its sustainability on the outside. Lined with paper for a more natural look, it can be used as a lid film as well as for packaging concepts and as a Flowpack.    

Veraplex Protec: Innovative transport packaging Thanks to its excellent barrier properties, Veraplex Protec is best suited as transport packaging for perishable food or technical articles. Derived from the word 'protect,' the name also alludes to the 'tec' component of technical products. Veraplex Protec can be processed into prefabricated bags for product protection during transport.  

Veraplex Plus: For the big jobs Veraplex Plus properties are further improved by laminating multiple foils. This new Veraplex Group is tear-resistant and easy to open. In addition to this convenience, the films attract attention on the supermarket shelf with their high-gloss surface and transparency. Veraplex Plus can be finished in intermediate layer, flexographic and gravure printing. This robust film also makes life easier in production. It is ideal for large packs and for use on wide packaging systems.

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